New Year, New Endeavours

2017 at a glance

2017 has become a history now. But before its completion, this year witnessed multiple Blockchain related developments and news, especially in last 2–3 months.

Some last months of 2017 gained a great attraction of people towards blockchain related activities, whether it has been segwit2x or cryptokitties or moon shot in the price of multiple cryptocurrencies.

For SecureBlocks, 2017 will be always special and memorable year. This year we put our foundation stone of our organisation i.e. Cqurelab IT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. and started our Blockchain venture. In very short time period, we delivered 5+ ICOs, multiple wallets and Blockchain based applications, all because of the hard work of our team. We established partnership with some of other leading companies to work on possibilities of Blockchain.

Plans for 2018

SecureBlocks has created its niche in blockchain field. In 2018, we will ensure to continue with our growth and responsibilities. We will move towards some more partnership as we believe that together we can come up with some thing great that can improve the business processes and our lifestyle. Along with the services, we will work to develop some products which will be contributing in blockchain acceptability of people.

Being an Indian company, we understand our responsibilities very well. We believe that cryptocurrency or trading is just a use case of Blockchain, many people are still unaware about the possibilities of Blockchain. We have already moved our first step towards raising awareness by organising #AskToSecureBlocks session on Twitter. We will continue this trail and will launch some projects that will help people to understand the capabilities of Blockchain.

We will expand our team and will increase our contribution in the evolution and acceptance of Blockchain technology. You can stay updated by following us on various social platforms.

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We wish you all a fabulous year ahead.

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