A letter from the CEO

CEO & Co-founder Mike Minov

Hello, and welcome to the SecureCryptoPayments.

On behalf of whole team I’d like to thank you for showing an interest to our project and tell a little bit more about us.

As you know, great people are the heart and soul of a great company. We have a great team behind the scenes here, at SecureCryptoPayments. This team was “born” years before the idea of co-owning a business and lead it to success. The majority of our co-founders have been working together in e-commerce business for 7 years already. Some of us were close friends from the school. We know each other’s strength and weaknesses. So you can call it a family business actually.

Our team is sure that this project will be successful because of our experience and complete dedication to idea. How this idea was born I will tell you in a separate story.

We build a company, which strategy is aimed at changing the current situation in eCommerce by offering cryptocurrency holders convenient ways to spend their assets. At the same time we realize that traditional markets are not ready to move from fiat to cryptos.

There is a very ambitious roadmap in front of us. It’s clear for us and will be clear for you soon that whatever we building at SecureCryptoPayments — will influence not only the eCommerce industry but the entire cryptocurrency market.

We are going to diversify online payment methods for cryptocurrency holders to be able to use crypto money without any difficulties. Merchants will receive a tool that will open cryptocurrency opportunities to them and attract a new progressive generation of online buyers.

We want to make online payments with cryptocurrency simple and convenient. They should be treated as a usual everyday activity, not as a pain in the neck.

If you are true believer in crypto currency and understand It’s full potential, come join us on this evolutional trip and let’s bring some future to payments with respect to it’s traditions.

Stay tuned for upcoming news about our project and feel free to ask any questions me our my team!

___________ Mike