Advantages and Key Principles of The SecureCryptoPayments platform

Despite the technological breakthrough and achievements in blockchain, there is one area that is still not developed enough. It is digital payments between buyers and merchants with an active use of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency holders have issues with unreasonably high interest rates for converting cryptocurrency into fiat money. Additionally, there are questions about the security of transactions that constantly appear when transferring money to the accounts of pseudo-exchangers that turn out to be scammers.

The owners of big online stores do not trust highly volatile funds. They also don’t have a full understanding of how to deal with the cryptocurrency inside their financial systems.

On the other hand, due to the novelty of such a tool as cryptocurrency, not a single country in the world has yet finished a comprehensive legislative package that would describe all aspects of the cryptocurrency usage in the traditional economy. The majority of countries were not ready for such a turn of events that resulted in the popularity of cryptocurrency. They fail to quickly develop and give effect to laws that simply prohibit or restrict the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life.

One of the cryptocurrency features is high anonymity and the opportunity for transactions that do not involve the state as a regulatory body. The state is just out of the game for any crypto transaction.

Due to the above-mentioned problems, cryptocurrency is not actively used in everyday life. It still exists mainly to support the speculative interest of depositors. There are a number of limitations on the way of cryptocurrency development into something more than just a virtual currency that ensures the basic needs of cryptocurrency exchanges. Our task is very ambitious — to expand the boundaries of the currently acceptable opportunities.

We believe that the sphere of payments is one of the main ways of profitable cryptocurrency usage that is developing actively; therefore our SecureCryptoPayments platform creates advantages for three main groups of interested parties: buyers, merchants and, of course, our supporters who become token holders.

The SecureCryptoPayments platform

The SecureCryptoPayments platform is a payment system that allows the merchant to accept payments in various types of cryptocurrency and, as a result, to receive both fiat money and cryptocurrency of their choice. We develop the best solution on the market, applying the rich experience of our team in the Enterprise eCommerce sector and the desire to bring in cryptocurrency on equal terms with traditional currencies. It offers the following:

● Focus on large trade markets that provide significant market coverage — Enterprise eCommerce

● Creation of payment gateways (Link Cartridges) — fast and easy integration of the payment system with eCommerce platforms

● Multilayer Loyalty System — getting the maximum benefit from paying for purchases with cryptocurrency

● Minimizing risks and expenses for both merchants and buyers

● Payment in the cryptocurrency preferred by the buyer, receipt of funds by the merchant in fiat money or cryptocurrency

● Integrated token for the cashback, that will be an active and fundamental part of the SecureCryptoPayments ecosystem.

The key principles we intend to fully comply with:

Buyer Protection — SecureCryptoPayments protects the buyer and guarantees them the possibility of a refund in case of issues with the purchase that come within the provisions of the laws of the country of merchant’s registration.

Protection from exchange rate fluctuations — We provide transparent fixed exchange rates. Conversions from cryptocurrency into fiat money are carried out in real time and at a market-dependent rate. By blocking this amount and guaranteeing its retention after conversion, we ensure that the merchant receives the exact amount they requested, without any restrictions related to the volatility of the crypto market.

Low fees — We provide merchants with lower fees compared to other eCommerce platforms — 1% of the transaction amount. Connection to a variety of exchange services and intelligent analytics provide buyers with the lowest fees possible.

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