Advantages of SecureCryptoPayments Cashback system.

We believe that the sphere of payments is one of the main ways of profitable cryptocurrency usage that is developing actively; therefore our SecureCryptoPayments platform creates advantages for three main groups of interested parties: buyers, merchants and, of course, our supporters who become token holders.

So, our Integrated token for the cashback, will be an active and fundamental part of the SecureCryptoPayments ecosystem.

This word literally means getting your money back. In terms of online shopping and internet trading, this is a partial refund of the money the buyer spent on their purchase. How classic cashback services work In fact, this is one of the types of reward programs and customer loyalty programs. The main difference is that they use real money to reward customers for purchases, but not intangible bonuses, points, etc. Buyers receive this money back some time after the purchase. Cashback websites make partner agreements with stores, according to which the store pays the website a certain interest of the purchase amount for attracting a new buyer. The cashback website, in its turn, returns a part of this money directly to the buyer.

Advantages of our Cashback system:

1. We make the reward payment to the buyer in the SEC tokens, that should rise in price according to the mathematical model. This is already a kind of deposit.

2. Unlike the classic cashback services model, we award SEC immediately after the purchase. The user does not need to wait long to get cashback.

3. The user does not need to go to websites following referral links. SecureCryptoPayments is already integrated with the website. All you need to do is to specify your cashback wallet in your account on the website.

4. Cashback Service from SCP is a service that will be “enabled by default” on all websites that use the SecureCryptoPayments platform.

After the successful launch of SecureCryptoPayments, you will have the opportunity to receive the SEC tokens as bonuses within the Cashback and Loyalty System for purchases on the website.

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