SEC Cashback System, Secure Crypto: What Is It?

We all know what a classic cashback service means and how it works. It usually receives money from stores it has agreements with. A certain percentage of this amount goes back to buyers. This money appears on a buyer’s account sometime after the purchase.

The cashback service that our platform offers is different from what has been described above. It has very attractive advantages for both buyers and merchants.

Here are the benefits for buyers:

  • We reward buyers with the SEC tokens. They become a sort of deposit because their price is predicted to grow.
  • We award the SEC tokens immediately after a purchase.
  • The system is already integrated into an eCommerce website.
  • All websites that will use our solution will have this cashback service enabled by default.

All that buyers should do is to specify their cashback wallet on the same eCommerce website they are shopping on. No need to go to other third-party websites to register or enter tons of data. Convenient, isn’t it?

What merchants receive in this process is customer loyalty and increased customer retention.

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