Secure Crypto and Acquisition of Cryptocurrency Users

Our new payment method will attract cryptocurrency holders for sure. They will not have to convert crypto into fiat to buy goods any more. Moreover, they will be rewarded for using our solution on enterprise eCommerce platforms. We also launch the cashback and Multilayer Loyalty System within our service and all buyers will receive our SEC tokens as bonuses for purchases.

Additionally, we will acquire new users of cryptocurrency. The same cashback service and Multilayer Loyalty System will be available for buyers with fiat money, As they receive rewards in SEC, they will automatically become involved in the cryptocurrency world. This way they can try what it is and how do deal with the new type of money they have.

Taking into account all positive features of cryptocurrencies, such as anonymity and transparency of transactions, high speed, convenience of use, and absence of limits, we predict that more and more people will use their crypto funds to make online payments.