Secure Crypto and SEC. Why to invest in it during ICO stage?

Cryptocurrency has all chances to become a new normal for everyday eCommerce needs. While the majority of people think of electronic currency as a subject for speculation, we strongly believe its fast development leads to a new way of collaboration between merchants and buyers. We at secure crypto tend to change the common understanding of cryptocurrency usage; thus we work to launch a brand new solution which aims to bring benefits to all involved parties.

In a nutshell, secure crypto is a payment gateway for processing cryptocurrency into fiat money that can be integrated into enterprise eCommerce platforms. A distinguishing feature of our payment system is a cashback service for buyers who chose to spend their cryptocurrency via our platform. Cashback utilizes a SEC token as the main functional unit for all internal transactions.

The operating model of SEC tokens for buyers is simple in use and lies in the heart of all transactions. It is built following the best practices of the classic cashback service model. As an additional benefit, the system allows to award buyers with SEC tokens immediately after the purchase. SEC tokens will go to cashback wallet specified in the user’s account on the secure crypto platform. There are no time limits on token usage, so it is possible to spend tokens on shopping within the chain of merchants right after receiving them. Another significant advantage is that our cashback service is “enabled by default” on all eCommerce websites that use our platform as a payment gateway. As a result, there is no chance for buyers to miss their reward for payments with crypto.

We care about our users, so we put every effort into building the reliable internal marketplace where everyone can receive SEC tokens as rewards and spend them. However, it is not the only one option for buyers to use the tokens.

Having analyzed the market, we found out that the cashback option is a new offering among existing cryptocurrency payment gateways. Given this, we launch ICO to involve the real funds to speed up platform development and sustain token usage in the system and outside of it. We offer a fair and profitable collaboration model for everyone who wants to invest their funds. First of all, we ensure the total number of generated tokens is 121,000,000. This amount of tokens is calculated to maintain the stable performance of the platform and sustainable operation of our loyalty system. There will be no free distribution of SEC, so the additional emission of tokens is impossible as well.

Everyone is able to receive the SEC tokens through the existing preICO or ICO campaigns at the attractive cost 1 SEC = 0.001 ETH. The cost will likely increase after the token becomes available in the exchange market. Additionally, all token holders will receive the specified bonus in % as a reward for purchase at the early stages. The bonus rate depends on the stage of ICO during which it is bought and can be the following:

+20 % — the first day;
+15 % — the first week;
+10 % — the next two weeks;
+0 % — the fourth week.

After the successful launch of secure crypto, you will have the opportunity to receive SEC tokens as bonuses within the loyalty system for purchases on the website. As another use case, the system will automatically repurchase SEC tokens from token holders at a market price when the need for cashback payments arises. It will be performed on a continuous basis to maintain the proper operation of the loyalty system.

After we launch the payment service, we will increase the price of tokens as the number of transactions grows. In other words, the more orders are paid in cryptocurrency via the platform, the higher price for every token is at the output. Taking into account that the amount of SEC tokens in the system is fixed, it is a good opportunity for all token holders to raise funds.

To obtain more details about SEC tokens and ICO stages, please don’t hesitate to learn our White Paper as well as the Mathematical model of estimated transactions dynamics on our website.

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