Why do you need Secure Crypto — part 3?

The solution with Benefits for All Parties

No doubt that accepting cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services is able to take eCommerce to the next level and reveals more opportunities to expand online business. Still, there are a lot of challenges — regulations, trust, infrastructure, privacy, accessibility and so on that stand in the way to successful expansion. On the other hand, the number of cryptocurrency holders grows fast, and they cannot spend their funds easily on Internet platforms and buy goods from favorite brands. GIven this, enabling crypto payment option will likely be beneficial for both merchants and buyers.

Secure Crypto solution is built to meet the needs of all market participants. We know all about eCommerce business model and understand how much stability is vital for big enterprises. Decentralized cryptocurrencies need legal backing to be able to function and act as legitimate payments. So, we build the option to convert cryptocurrency into fiat money after the payment is made with the help of our turn-key solution. We provide transparently fixed exchange rates. Conversions from cryptocurrency into fiat money are carried out in real time and at a market-dependent rate.

Buyers, in turn, can also benefit from using Secure Crypto solution. We provide the cashback service to receive bonuses for purchases with crypto. Such loyalty program is enabled by default, and users have no chance to miss their reward. Received bonuses are easily accessible on user’s account on our platform and can be spent on purchases within the chain of merchants whenever the time is right.

Our goal is to provide the modern crypto payment solution for enterprise eCommerce and we already offer more than other payment processing systems can do.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, blockchain are not just buzzwords these days. There is an innovation behind them that tends to change the world The main goal of crypto is making it easier and safer for people to shop online; for e-commerce businesses to gain more customers and grow the market. Cryptocurrencies help reach this goal because they have no borders and no barriers. However, some time needs to be spent before it becomes a generally accepted payment option. Despite this fact, we already provide the solution for your online store to benefit from supporting crypto payments. Feel free to visit our official website Securecrypto.me and learn more details about our offering.

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