With SecureCryptoPayments, pay your purchases in cryptocurrency. Don’t spend money on exchange fees, and get cashback to the SEC.

The SecureCryptoPayments platform is a solution that offers benefits to buyers, merchants, and its supporters. The first group is the most numerous as almost every person with access to the Internet buys something online.

In this article, we are going to speak about buyers and how they can use the system and enjoy its advantages.
Newbies in crypto trading or buyers with fiat money: what they have in common

SecureCryptoPayments offers many beneficial opportunities to buyers regardless of what kind of money they hold.

There are two main types of buyers we are going to work with: newbies in crypto trading and holders of fiat money.

Newbies in crypto trading are the people who have recently become cryptocurrency holders, miners or traders. They know what to do with cryptocurrency and how and where to use it. Nevertheless, they have no tools to do that because in most cases it’s necessary to exchange crypto to fiat.

Buyers who hold fiat money still occupy the leading positions on the market because traditional payment methods still prevail. At the time being, such typical buyers don’t face any inconveniences when buying things either in stores or on online platforms. In spite of this, it doesn’t mean that people who own only fiat money don’t want to hold cryptocurrency.

SecureCryptoPayments provides a unique opportunity to both cryptocurrency holders and fiat holders.

We give crypto traders the tools they lack. Now instead of exchanging crypto to fiat, they can pay for their purchases in cryptocurrency. It means they don’t spend money on exchange fees, buy what they want and receive cashback in SEC.

Buyers with fiat money will have their own benefits from using our platform. Except the possibility to buy goods online (which they already have with other tools) we give them cashback in SEC as well. It means that they can become cryptocurrency holders and use our tokens to pay for purchases. In this way we introduce cryptocurrency to more and more people to popularize its use and help them understand what it is.

As you see, the two types of buyers we are going to work with have one big thing in common. Every person with fiat money can become a cryptocurrency newbie. Both buyer types can use our platform and receive SEC as a reward within our Cashback program and Multilayer Loyalty System.

Read more about our cashback program and Multilayer Loyalty System here: https://securecrypto.me/

Dealers and Traders Are Welcomed Here.

As already mentioned before all buyers will receive our SEC tokens as a reward for their payments. The SEC token is the main exchange unit in our Cashback and Multilayer Loyalty Systems.

According to the mathematical model based on which these systems will work, the price of the SEC token should rise. It means that your tokens become a deposit and you receive more as their value grows.

Such positive dynamics will depend on the number of transactions conducted on the SecureCryptoPayments platform. When this number grows, buyers will receive more SEC as cashback for their purchses. In this case we will redeem more tokens and the demand for them and their price will grow.


Our team of experts knows all the ins and outs of the eCommerce industry. This is why our solution is well-planned. We want to cover all the needs of all people who are involved in eCommerce.

Buyers as the largest group should have good tools to make purchases easily. It doesn’t matter whether they are cryptocurrency holders (newbies or not) or experienced owners of fiat money, with our solution we try to make this process convenient for all of them.

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