4 Best Instagram Security Tips that you should follow!

Security tips on how to use Instagram!

Instagram first time came up in the year 2010 as an iOS photo sharing app, but nobody had imagined how big and popular the service would actually get. Today Instagram is accessible over all major mobile platforms and has more than 400 million clients all across the globe. The key components of Instagram are Photo sharing and short video sharing. Facebook had acquired Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion. Like all the other social networks and media sharing services, there are some privacy and security risks that Instagram users should be aware of and need to follow. There are about 20% internet users who are active on Instagram and most of the people using this app are mostly young people below the age of 35. So in order to be safe and not indulge in wrong activities parents of young adults should keep a track of their child’s Instagram activities and should ensure that they are not exposing themselves to unwanted online risks that can lead them into a big trouble later.

Here are a few security tips that Instagram users should follow in order to protect themselves against all kinds of malicious threats online:

1. Use the privacy settings carefully

Choose such settings that inform you or alert you when a person sends you request or follows you. This way no one will be able to see your pictures or keep a track of your activities as it will not be available in the public domain.

2. Be smart while choosing your profile picture

If you choose a profile picture that shows your face clearly and your name is also clearly visible, then it is very simple for the hacker to gather information about you and use it for their benefit. Thus you are advised to use a generic image or even if you want to share your image make sure the settings are rightly chosen.

3. Switch off location sharing filters

When you post an update or share an image your exact location is shared. It can allow unwanted people to know about your exact location and can then start following you. This can be a danger to your privacy and integrity.

4. Be careful before sharing pictures

Every picture that you post on the internet can reach up to thousands of people which can be misused easily. So be a smart user and avoid posting pictures that you don’t want the world to see. Refrain yourself from posting offensive, personal and compromising photos.

There are thousands of photos being shared on instagram each day and it’s seen to be the perfect platform for photo lovers. But with so many photos and videos being shared it raises the possibility of your internet security being compromised. Thus we can avoid the risk by taking the right precautions.