You Too Can Stop Cyberbullying, Here’s how

With the excessive use and dependence on the internet, users like you and I can be prone to many online threats including cyberbullying. Most of the cases may direct to children and teens, being harassed, but the crime is not restricted to just the said age group. Adults too could be the victim of such heinous act. That said, there are ways to tackle with such morons, and stop cyberbullying to a good extent:

Cyberbullying is a serious crime and can lead to dire consequences

You are not at fault

In a cyberbullying case, you should not blame yourself for giving an advantage to the bully to harass you. It’s not your fault, and you are not to be treated with cruelty. Use electronic media effectively and make sure you don’t respond to any such communication that provokes anger from the other side. Your reply to those foul communication would encourage that moron to trouble you more.

Keep the evidence intact

Whether it’s a text message or email communication, make sure to keep the evidence of cyberbullying saved. This helps in knowing the intentions of the person who is trying to hurt you. Once you know the purpose, reach out for immediate help from your family and friends. Do not delay such things, it may lead to serious consequences.

Use internet as a helping medium

Almost all the social media sites give you the liberty to block the person or report against him / her, if you are being bullied or harassed. If you find yourself receiving filthy texts, foul emails or being tagged in inappropriate photos, you must block the user immediately and remove your photos or names from all the related tags.

Protect your accounts

Safety starts from you. If you ensure to keep your social media accounts safe, there are less chances of cyberbullying. However, it doesn’t guarantee that but safety comes first. Create strong passwords, keep your account settings private, and most of all, use antivirus software to keep the hackers steal your data and scatter it around online.

How parents can help big?

If your kid is being bullied online and he informs you it, you must act immediately. Talk to your child, know their surfing habits. If you find the content inappropriate, advise them. Thanks to the technology, you can check what your kid is surfing online. Now, the antivirus software have come up with the parental control feature to help you and your child stay safe from cyberbullying and other threats.


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