Your Mobile Phone is a serious threat that must be secured

Your Mobile Phone is a wonderful target for cybercriminals

Cell phones have constrained a radical movement in the way individuals manage their everyday exercises and how associations benefit their clients through the use of this device. Earlier, one could easily find out a difference between internet, intranet and the internal corporate network. In today’s technology driven world, be it small or big cell phones conveying information, sending messages, social networking, gaming, downloading, etc all has become very easy. This has opened doors for cybercriminals.

As per reports, we can see that the supply of the number of smartphones has exceeded that of desktop and PCs. Nowadays, mobile phones are available in different prizes and models that are easy to afford. These devices can be used for different purposes, including sending and receiving electronic mail, storing documents and preparing presentations, storing data and more.

Even before the advent of smartphones, malicious programs and viruses were recognized as a threat for mobile devices. There are several applications that have come up which allow users to view and manipulate the financial accounts and shopping accounts which are linked up to credit cards that have become a common place for hackers. You can become a target by simply getting a text message or malicious software that is already installed on your device. The number of malware attacks is increasing at an alarming rate.

With less education about mobile threats and lack of security on these devices, users seem more inclined to become victims. Moreover, there is increase in issues from applications that upload malware. This opens opportunities for internet monsters to use these apps to install a backdoor on such devices for their own selfish purpose such as sending spam emails or recording keystrokes to record personal and financial details. Here are some reasons why mobile devices are particularly susceptible to attacks:

1. Some applications are already installed in the mobile devices through third parties, this makes it susceptible to the distribution of malware. There is no proof of what applications they have installed, is it genuine or not.

2. There are no default browser permission rules in a mobile device. This makes it all the more vulnerable to malware attacks.

3. Users often check their emails on mobile devices and the no restriction of mobile browsers make it all the more difficult to identify which ones are the fraudulent sites. This increases the risk of your device being attacked.

Follow these steps to enhance your mobile security and keep your data protected:

1. Use strong and effective passwords. Make sure to change them regularly.

2. Keep back up of all your important data and encrypt all the important and sensitive data so that it is not misused.

3. Use an updated and powerful Antivirus and Anti Malware software that will keep your device protected from all kinds of malicious threats.

4. Think before you click, download or open an attachment. No matter how tempting an application looks, make sure to download it from the app store or from any trusted website otherwise just leave and walk away.