5 Considerations, Before You Buy A Sharps Waste Discard Container

It’s absolutely needless to mention that you, as a head to a healthcare organization, take every care to provide the best of solutions to your patient’s needs. But are you environmentally-responsible too?

Let us check this out.

You must be using various kinds of sharps and you also know that sharps waste disposal requires adequate concern. Have you kept a secure sharps waste bin for the discard of these extra-dangerous wastes? If not, it’s time to get a proper container at the earliest.

Why Sharps Wastes Require Special Containers?

Sharps wastes are sharp (as the name indicates) and they are capable of harming a person to bleed instantly. Plus, if they are used and contaminated with some live pathogen, these pose a greater risk of life-taking consequences.

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Due to this, sharps waste should always be kept in a secluded container to guard their escape and prevent their potential harms to the human beings, animals and the environment etc.

Also, sharps waste is categorized under biohazardous waste and each kind of biohazardous waste disposal process requires special concern. Therefore, sharps wastes need to be kept in special, well-labeled containers.

Considerations While Buying Sharps Waste Containers:

Some considerations to choose sharps waste containers are as follows:

Get 510(k) Approved Containers:

As a thumb rule, you could get the robust 510(k) approved containers, which are tested for their rigidity, leak-proof nature, puncture-resistance, closable nature and proper labels etc.

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You could consult a biomedical waste disposal organization to get these bins and if you get them on your own, see that they are accepted by your waste-pickup organization. These organizations would always want you to use their provided containers, so that their employees remain safe.

Consider The Kind Of Practice You Are In:

There are hoards of healthcare providers and all of them have their distinct sharps waste disposal and management needs. As a safety measure, consider you work and the amount of waste generated.

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According to this, you could get secure sharps waste containers with lids, such as ones that allow single-hand waste discard or rotating cylinder lid etc.

Keep Track Of Your State’s Specific Regulations:

Every state may have its own biohazardous waste disposal bylaws and you need to be acquainted of all of these, as a prominent healthcare organization. And though there may be rules that are common in states, what makes a difference is the waste disposal organizations that you consult.

Know The Sharps Waste Accumulation Rate:

For instance, how many times a day do you need to change the containers when they are full? This could depend on the number of patients you come across, or the needs of the patients.

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Know The Sharp Use Areas Of Your Healthcare Organization:

If you run a big healthcare organization with multiple care units, keep track of the number of containers you need. Also, how frequently you need to change the container in each of the units.

These are some efficient tips-cum-considerations that you should follow while discarding the sharps waste and getting sharps waste containers. Your single step of proper consideration could be a highly beneficial for the humans and the environment too.

Click on the link To know hazardous waste regulations in your state.