Important Features to Look Out for in a Video Door Phone

Godrej- VDP (Wifi-SEE THRU PRO)

Video door phones take home and office security to a completely new level. Seeing the face of their visitor gives more security to your home. There are many video door phone dealers in Mumbai that offer a variety of video door phones. However, it is important that you check that the video door phone, Godrej has the below mentioned features:

1. Night Vision — A good video door phone should have night vision otherwise it wouldn’t serve the purpose of security. You should be able to see the face of your visitor clearly even when there is darkness.

2. Touch Screen — Although this is not a security requirement but since we are all familiar with touchscreen interface of our smartphones it gives us the ease of use. Also it looks and feels more sophisticated.

3. Storage — A good video door phone Godrej should have enough storage so it can save pictures. If there is one that lets you expand its storage through a microSD then go for this type of video phone. Video footage and images need space to be saved so you know who visited you in your absence.

4. Do Not Disturb — This is another important feature that you should look for while you are purchasing a video door phone Godrej. With the do not disturb feature you can work or enjoy alone time at your home without the visitors troubling you. You can set the duration of the do not disturb feature according to your requirement.

5. Durable — The outdoor unit will have to endure all weather conditions which is why you need to make sure that you check the quality thoroughly before you make a purchase. Approach several video door phone dealers in Mumbai and ensure that you pick the best one for your home so it may last long.

6. Hands-free Calls — Spending a little extra could get you something more elegant. The hands-free style video door phone Godrej eliminates the hassle of wires.

7. Record Calls — The video door phone you buy should also have the feature to record calls for future use. You never know when you may have the need to listen to calls.