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We sell a plethora of Access Control Systems for all industries including private and government organizations. We distribute our products in such a way that it offers state of the art security solutions.

Our Access Control System impeccably incorporates with ground-breaking technology solutions to bring a flexible, consistent and rigid security infrastructure.

Who should visit us?

• Companies who are looking for Time and Attendance systems. 
• Hotel industries, interested in installing RFID locks India.
• Industries that are searching for the best fire alarm system to provide safety to their employees.
• Individual or organization has a requirement of IP and Wireless CCTV.
• House to install Intrusion Alarm System.

These are just samples, feel free to visit our online store for more equipment with detailed specifications.

Education about Choosing the right Access Control System

Let us help you to choose the best system for your need.

Understand the following systems and decide based on the technology, cost, and requirement.

Independent or stand-alone systems — Controls a single door. This system grants entry to users via reader itself. If needed then you can connect the user with a system to manage the list of prospects and get hold of an activity log. Best suited for small offices.

Distributed systems — Handles multiple doors from a single point. No need to connect readers between them. Offices with multiple controllers and in different locations can opt for a distributed system. Even medium size housing complexes can select this. It can accommodate 1000 users with 32 access points. Distributed systems have turn out to be a boon to garage entrances, industrial or commercial facilities.

Centralized systems — Helps to manage sophisticated functions, several access points and connects a massive number of users in thousands. Link the readers to one or many central units and store all the details associated with the door control. Large residential and commercial buildings a can deploy this system.

Why should you use Access Control System in Your Company?

All offices provide employees limited access to sensitive documents. Access control helps to alleviate security risks.

The most superior of these systems indicate the need for light or temperature at places in the office premises. This saves power consumption.
Access cards help make out unauthorized people from authorized employees. 
For businesses with offices in multiple locations, access control offers smooth travel from one premise to another with ease.

Need for Access Control System at Home

Are you wondering why access control systems for homes? Access control systems significantly improve people’s security.

Put an end to the losing key episodes. We have been a victim in losing our house key several times. Access your buildings with the electronic key which you need not carry but just remember the passcode. Even if your card reader gets lost, doesn’t matter. Not a threat as losing a physical key. Ask me why? Missing a reader is same as losing a credit card. No harm though. Easily you can block it and change passcode.

You can monitor the movement of temporary employees including garden cleaner, plumber, electrician and much more. Unauthorized people cannot enter your premises.

During the time of a crisis, you can open all the doors at one go.

Why should you buy Access Control System from us?

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We facilitate our customers and channel partners to have an edge in the marketplace both regarding technology and competence.

Our unique services include demos at your doorstep, economical pricing, local supply, training and technical support. We prosper in accomplishing our objective by building a trust with you.

You can securely grow your business with our Access Control Systems.

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