10 Essential Things a Security Guards must have ?

Today we face various kind of threats where ever we go and the security guards are the primary barrier who stops such threats. While doing their job they never know what all incidents and risks they have to encounter. Hence they must be prepared, after all the basic idea behind security is prevention of undesirable occurrences. Here are the top 10 things a security guard must have while on duty.

  1. Flashlight
Flash Light

A flash light or torch is a very important piece of equipment not only to aid clear vision but also as a weapon. The light can be used to dazzle the attacker giving enough time for a trained guard to raise alarm or to subdue the attacker. No special training is needed for using a flash light. The flashlight should be waterproof, durable, solid and produce bright light.

2) Weapon


Security guard need to carry a weapon. The type of weapon depends on the job and the training background of the personnel. Guns, batons, pepper spray, tear gas, handheld electroshock devices are common assortment of weapons used by security officers. Irrespective of the type of weapon the guard possess, the person should be trained on how and when to use it by abiding the laws.

3) Boots


High quality rubber soled boots are must for security officers. Apart from being durable and waterproof such boots offer high traction and comfortable walking. The job demands patrolling by foot, running while engaging attackers, hence getting sore foot and back ache will be a daily occurrence if one is not using a good pair of boots.

4) Uniform


A security guard’s neatly pressed clean uniform showcase authority and a sense of security. Uniform can also be of different forms like:

a) A Bullet-Proof Vest/Heated Vest which offers protection from bullets and stabs. Also provide comfort during cold climate thus keeping the guard alert and more vigilant.

b) High-Visibility Clothing increases the visibility of the guards thus alerting the criminals and for the public as a symbol of security and safety.

5) Pen And Waterproof Note Pad

Pen & Waterproof Note Pad

An important part of the job description is to observe and report. Though carrying note pad and pen seems outdated it is the most effective way to keep track of all dates and names and jot down any details while on phone. Also it acts as a future proof or reference to look up any information.

6) Communication Devices

In order to report any activities or to raise alarm or to call backup, communication devices like the following are in arguably a must:

a) Fully Charged Smartphone enables quick calls by assigning speed dials but also provide powerful tools like internet, camera, maps and apps that can facilitate quick recording and reporting.

b) 2 Way Radio is a must have for close protection officers and security guards of events. It offers uninterrupted safe communication without the ‘battery low’ problem.

7) Security License

Security License

On duty officers must carry security licenses. There will be instances where guards will be asked to produce a proof of authority by civilians and by police. Also it is needed for security clearances within the organization.

8) Duty Belt

Duty Belt

It is an important piece of utility equipment giving an easy way to carry all the gears including weapon. It gives quick access to things when they are most needed, as agility and speed is very crucial in this job. Also it gives off the official look aura.

9) Mini First Aid Kit

First Aid

Having a supply to first aid kit can sometimes decide life and death particularly in remote locations. For a highly risky job like security guard, it is a basic need to have first aid kit, not just for themselves but also for people they are meant to guard.

10) A Flask Of Coffee And Biscuits For Night Time


All the night time home security guards that I have interacted with said a flask of hot coffee and some snacks helped them in getting through cold nights fighting of not just criminals but also sleep and hunger. It is essential to stay vigilant and focused hence little comforts like hot drinks and snacks are also a must have.

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