Securix is pleased to announce they will be both listed and traded on the FUBT exchange. FUBT is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens.

FUBT mission is to make capital markets and trading available 24/7 T+0, with a broader range of asset classes. They aim to facilitate capital reallocation into promising businesses, which will foster job creation with higher productivity.

FUBT is ranked on Feixiaohao at place 17 and keeps improving the result as they feature;

· $250m+ daily volume
· More than 1,200,000 registered traders
· 130+ crypto pairs available for trading
· Low trading and withdrawal fees

These are all reasons to take a serious look at and their asset-backed SRXIO token with a generous payout.

For those not familiar with the SRXIO crypto token;

A passive monthly income from a 45% gross revenue share from all mined Bitcoins. A strong departure from traditional mining operations which tend to only share net after overhead profit with investors. The uncertainty of ROI is removed as unforeseen expenses and overhead which can influence net profit will not impact gross profit. Owning the Securix SRXIO token will provide a guaranteed monthly share of gross revenues from the physical token mining operations run by the company in the Netherlands.

Securix is token driven mining, not cloud mining. While cloud mining has become popular, it generally provides only a 28–60-day contract that terminates if the operation is not profitable. Cloud mining forces customers to stay current by continually reinvesting to keep their hash rates competitive. Meanwhile, the SRXIO token of has NO expiration and cannot be cancelled as it is utilizing the Ethereum ERC20 Smart Contract output distribution model. This offers a more sustainable long-term investment potential. While Securix is mining Bitcoin, it is making payments in Ethereum. It can be stored and traded using Ethereum compatible wallets and exchanges. Additionally, the token system rewards token holders with monthly payments.

The asset-backed SRXIO token that helps protect investors from the wild price volatility within the crypto markets. The SRXIO token will be backed by physical assets in the form of the hardware used to drive the mining operations.

Securix has initiated a Company Reserve; Valuing its long-term objective is setting aside the initial 10% of its monthly revenue as a reserve. The contingency reserve ensures that all operations of the start-up perform optimally regardless of market conditions. This strategy covers token holders from short-term market shocks in that the reserve acts as a protective safeguard.

In addition to the Company Reserve, Securix will be initiating two investment strategies:

• Token Buy-Back;

Tokens will be bought back from the market at a price depending on market conditions. These tokens will then be burned. The token pool quantity will then decrease meaning monthly gross revenue will be larger as it is now divided across a smaller token pool.

• Mining Hardware Purchase;

If Bitcoin price is favourable an increase in gross revenue can be expected. The token value is covered by thousands of mining machines running at the Netherlands facility. New hardware will be purchased to increase production.

The SRXIO is quite transparent as are the benefits to the Token Holders.

1. High gross revenue payouts to Token Holders in Ethereum
2. A Token Driven Mining System
3. Asset-Backed Tokens
4. The Company Reserve
5. Its Token Buy Back and Mining Hardware Purchase Investment

strategies… are just some of the many reasons Securix SRXIO should be here to stay.

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