Last week we deployed and tested the Securosys SET smart contract. It is now live and you can see what is going on at the smart contract address on The SET token itself can also be observed on Etherscan at this address.

On Etherscan you will see that we tested minting, transactions, and then burned these test tokens. Yesterday we finally minted all the SET token and distributed them into four wallets. These wallets correspond to the distribution scheme described in our whitepaper on pages 67–69. Currently you will see this on Etherscan:

First and foremost we thank you all for participating in the Securosys STO! The market environment is turbulent and ICO/ITO contributions are the lowest in years. Nevertheless, some of you decided to trust us and share our vision of scaling Securosys. With your investment you acquired a piece of Securosys!

We are convinced that we anticipated a trend with our form of token sale. Within a year or two, the market will undergo a shift towards “IPO 2.0”. The Securosys token holds value as a token and as a convertible for shares. The industry is following our example and more…

A step-by-step guide on how to create Ethereum wallets on your desktop and mobile phone to participate in the Securosys ITO

The Securosys Tokens (SET) are based on a blockchain called Ethereum. To store, send and receive assets (called tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain you need a wallet. It works just like your cash wallet but if it is set up correctly it will be much more secure.

When you create a wallet you will create a pair of keys (like key and lock). One is the public address that is used to identify you (like an email address) and one is the private key, like a very long and complex password to your wallet. NEVER SHARE YOUR PRIVATE KEY UNDER…

In the following post, we want to provide you with an overview of our token, and how it works for you as a contributor. At Securosys, we strive to set a landmark for a new era of growth financing. Crowd financing and the token economy have created a new set of possibilities for companies to gather money on the market. With the addition of security token offerings, a new class of assets was created and there are still differences in how they are structured and back-fitted to existing law. …

With the following article, we intend to shed light onto what our products — the HSMs — are, and what use-cases are evident for the blockchain economy. If you want to become part of the Securosys quest, sign up for the whitelist and updates on the dedicated ITO website here.

What is a HSM?

In a nutshell, a HSM is a vault for digital keys. It is a physical unit sitting in a rack that makes sure nothing stored on it ever leaves it or gets corrupted by an unauthorized party entering the vault.

A Hardware Security Module is paramount to generate and store…

With the help of our blog, beginning with the following post, we want you to get to know the company Securosys. We want you to know where we came from and where we’re headed. In our opinion, it is paramount to deliver more than just a whitepaper for participants to trust us with their money in our growth financing endeavor.

The Securosys blog is meant to let you follow our path to success by being your window into the inner workings of our company.

What we do in a nutshell

“We are a technology company dedicated to securing data and communications. We develop, produce, and distribute…

“Let’s do an ICO” is a series of blogs written by Robert Rogenmoser, CEO of Securosys SA. In this series he tells the background story of how his company came to make the decision to go for a ICO, a new way of getting funding, including the steps that they had to take and problems they overcame.

The people mentioned in this blog exist and have contributed to both the ICO and this blog. This series is not intended as legal advice. Also, while it shows some aspects of how to get through an ICO, this blog does not show…

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Summer is upon us and things really start heating up here at Securosys. To expand our business we will conduct a growth financing over the next few months. It will be in the form of a Token offering, learn more below. Further in this newsletter you will find a report on the first Securosys User & Developer Conference which was a great success, and news on the Securosys Clouds HSM.

Securosys Growth Financing — ITO

This week, we are launching our growth financing efforts. We are raising this capital the modern way, with an Initial Token Offering (ITO). …

Zurich, Switzerland, July, 5, 2018. Securosys, the Swiss Hardware Security Module (HSM) provider, is going to launch an ITO. In this growth financing, the company is seeking investments of up to CHF 16M. The proceeds will be used to fund new product developments for the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets and to finance Securosys’ international expansion. For this Initial Token Offering (ITO), Securosys partners with Lykke, Blockchain Valley Ventures, and a select group of industry advisors to reach its goal.

In a first step in this ITO, Securosys is publishing a new website dedicated to the ITO and the related whitepaper

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