Hello everyone, I will introduce you a promising and a magnificent project this time, as every one of you understand that Crурtосurrеnсу hаѕ bееn аblе tо рrеѕеnt аn еаѕу tо uѕе dіgіtаl аltеrnаtіvе tо fіаt сurrеnсіеѕ. Crурtосurrеnсу еmрlоуѕ thе uѕе оf сrурtоgrарhу thаt аѕѕurеѕ hіgh-ѕесurіtу рrосеѕѕеѕ аnd vеrіfіеѕ trаnѕасtіоnѕ реrѕоnаl tо еасh uѕеr. Consequently, duplicating and mysterious transactions are difficult to accomplish.

Thus, it is essential as crypto examiners to be among the primary who join the new examples of blockchain platform and this lead me to One of the center principles of blockchain ASOBI , A Platform that points in making accessible a decentralized ecosystem or space to trade different digital contents and virtual assets like games, digital books and so forth and furthermore one that permits the conveyance of auxiliary content.

What precisely is ASOBI COIN?

With the stage Asobimo, clients are guaranteed of secured beguilement thing trade, sensible, and present day pitch for a broad assortment of distractions and virtual things. You also will have the capacity to buy and offer electronic substance, for instance, funnies, distraction things and music that you need to allow to different people.

Asobimo in like manner are wanting to develop the essential “Blockchain Game Association” with countries, for instance, China, Korea and Taiwan, making a point to move entertainments and redirection things utilizing blockchain headway. We are proposing to get more ASOBI COIN customers by offering Airdrop for ASOBI distraction clients. Our association’s excitements have satisfactorily an impressive number of dynamic clients around the world. We will acquaint the likelihood with purchase and offer amusement things at our store.

Why do we need asobi?

But here’s a solution;


  • Users recognize protected and dependable substance exchange and trade as favorable circumstances got from exchanging are sent to them in a brief moment upon the buy of their substance.

The Asobi Wallet

Asobi Market

Digital books, Diversion things, Music, Recordings, Software, E-tickets

You will be able to purchase and offer electronic content, for example, funnies, preoccupation things and music that you have to bestow to other individuals. They will give a guaranteed cloud structure called “Decentralized Security System” (DSS) by utilizing blockchain advancement. They will make a P2P — style appropriated discretionary substance arrange.

From each digital content accessible to the market, the game possesses the best position and after that proceeds with video, music, sound, pictures and content.

Asobimo is loaded with certainty to make the optional market dispersed for digital content that can give different chances to distributers and clients to get the best digital content in the ecosystem.


  • ASOBI market makes clients the proprietors of licenses (full possession), ensured through decentralized security system. A safe optional digital content exchange with ABX tokens is likewise made conceivable on the platform.
  • The platform crosses over any barrier between the brought together and decentralized world. Clients can purchase and offer various digital contents effortlessly and ask for that the sold sum be consequently exchanged to their ASOBI wallet as ASOBI coin.
  • Purchasing and trading contents occurs on the Ethereum blockchain bringing about a sheltered and acceptable exchange.
  • DRM and content spilling occur off-chain. Distributers will appreciate improved market straightforwardness and reasonable circulation of income shares.
  • Asobimo made DApps platform with the goal that digital content on the auxiliary markets can be a profitable resource for all gatherings.
  • The platform gives an anchored exchanging background at an insignificant expense and without contact.
  • The DApps made by Asobimo furnishes a dispersed optional content platform with “Decentralized Security System” (DSS).
  • This blockchain innovation gives certain proof of content proprietorship for distributers

Meet the team

These are Asobi token (ABX) information;

Platform: Ethereum Based. ERC20.

Token Price: 0.01 USD

Token Sale: 8,250,000,000 ABX (50%)

Token Delivery: 16,500,000,000 ABX

Soft Cap: $ 5,000,000

Hard Cap: $ 50 million

Income: ETH, BTC, BCH.


Token distribution

Funds Allocation

In conclusion, the gaming business is generally a standout amongst the most trend setting innovations, and they do as such with the selection of the bar; points of interest are rare now, yet the organization in Tokyo said it will consolidate its ten-year involvement in making portable MMORPGs with blockchain innovation method for playing. This is a quick creating industry and this platform enables its clients to purchase items specifically from the producer, and second-hand from different clients for a lower cost. The maker of the item likewise gets some piece of profit while pitching the utilized items starting with one client then onto the next.

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