10 Space-related YouTube channels every space geeks should subscribe to!

There are a plethora of YouTube channels for every topic of interest. According to YouTube statistics, the total number of monthly active users crosses 2+ billion! That is one in every four people across the whole globe!

Surely, there are many space-related YouTube channels too! Let us check them out in no particular order!

1. PBS SpaceTime

Whether you are a casual space lover or a serious space geek, astrophysicist Prof. Matthew O’Dowd explanations accompanied by top-notch quality animation will make sure that your brain nerves are on fire! From galaxies to black holes, the fabrics of cosmos beyond earth and exploring hypothetical scenarios! Do not miss the release of new videos every Wednesday!

2. Scott Manley

It’s just rocket science. Pun intended. Initially, it was a gaming slash science channel meant for teaching people orbital mechanics to play Kerbal Space Program. Now, years later the gaming videos are less important and pure science is the main thrust. If rocketry excites you, this is for you!

3. SciShow Space

Get answers to your burning questions, unheard space facts, groundbreaking news and more. Every week dig deep behind everything like donut-shaped planets, and how astronauts do their business! Keep exploring the universe with Hosts Hank Green, Caitlin Hofmeister, and Reid Reimers.


Fan of the sci-fi genre? Don’t have the energy to watch documentaries and space science videos? Want something entertaining to chill out and relax the mind? This channel has a collection of quality short films. DUST presents thought-provoking science fiction stories, exploring the future of humanity through the lens of science and technology.

5. Deep Astronomy

Love to stargaze and have a deep desire to know what’s out there? This channel is dedicated to Space Fans who love astronomy and want to learn concepts and hear about new discoveries in astronomy. To learn more about some of the grandest and most beautiful phenomena in the universe, consider subscribing to this channel!

6. SpaceRip

Quality documentaries for free? Check

A soothing narrator with peaceful background music? Check

Video and animations? Check

Grab your headphones, turn off the lights and take a backseat on an endless voyage to the cosmos.

7. Sixty Symbols

Ever wondered what the strange symbols used in physics and astronomy signify? This channel has existed for quite some time and covers a huge variety of topics. They are good if you want to learn some physics in a very laid back way. If astronomy is your thing and you want to get in-depth insights, consider checking this out!

8. Kurzgesagt — In a Nutshell

Strictly not a space channel, but it does have videos like: What happens if you step in a black hole? How to build a Dyson sphere? Are there aliens? This channel’s aesthetics for colourful minimalist animation are off the charts and make for an engaging edutainment.

9. VideoFromSpace

The title is self-explanatory. Video feeds transmitted directly from beyond the Earth’s delicate blanket. Here, top minds, astronauts, astrophysicists and enthusiasts converse about space exploration. Get informed on the latest in space exploration, tech innovations, space travel policies and interstellar breakthroughs.

10. Fraser Cain

Your go-to for weekly space news, sci-fi and pop culture. Check the Weekly Space Hangout live every Friday afternoon at 12:00 pm. Join the live broadcast and ask your questions to a team of space journalists and special guests.