Aesthetics matter. 2 Reasons to Trust Your Graphic or Web Designer’s Decisions.

As much as we’d like to say that content matters the most regardless of what websites or packaging may look like, that’s just not how things operate. Consumers enjoy using websites that are both designed well and easy to navigate.

While I was studying graphic design fresh out of school I believed that my opinion as a designer would be valued by clients, that they understood their blindspots and where they lacked skills. However, as my professors shared their experiences in the field I was blown away by the aggravation they experienced because of clients who didn’t listen to their expert advise.

As someone who has both worked on commissions for others and requested commissions I’ve experienced both sides, I understand that importance of getting my money’s worth and producing the best piece of work that will enhance the client’s business.

1. Graphic and Web Designers have extensive knowledge about design principles.

Many Graphic and web designers put themselves through some kind of schooling, though it’s entirely possible to be self-taught in their respective fields. Regardless of which route the designer you hired took, the fact of the matter is that they know what they are talking about and what they are doing.

Did you know certain colors compliment each other, bring balance to your website or poster? If you didn’t realize that a yellow accent in a predominantly cool purple-toned design can be used to guide a person’s eye to the main message of your product or website then you should probably take a step back.

It’s understandable to a certain degree, the nitpicking and demands are born from a place where you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Remember the reason you hired that particular designer for your project, remember their samples that you viewed and made you go: “Yes, they’re the one. I want to hire them.”

Remember that feeling where you trusted that they would be capable of taking the image you have in your mind and translating it into an actual product. They have the knowledge and know how and so when they tell you that your idea perhaps won’t work towards the visual rhetoric you’re aiming for — trust them.

2. Designing is what they love to do.

Graphic design and web design are not easy fields. They aren’t fields that you jump into because it’s easy money. A lot of hours were spent learning programs like Photoshop and Illustrator or on how the get javascript to work for a website and not turn into a hot mess.

If you’ve ever opened up Photoshop as a complete novice the program is intimidating as hell. I remember when I was first learning how to do anything in Photoshop and if I didn’t have a passion for design I would have thrown in the towel after a week.

So, believe it when you hire a graphic or web designer that they will only want to give you their very best. They don’t take your commission lightly, after all for some designers your commission helps them pay rent or the water bill or go towards saving for their dream home. Whatever it is, they certainly do not want to give you a product that was half-assed (though unfortunately there are designers out there who do that, but if you do your research on them before hand you can definitely avoid this).

So, trust that the idea you give them or whatever guidelines they need to follow for the design they will put hours of work into it that they are proud of. Think twice before you nitpick it to shreds because of what you think will look good. While you have every right to request within reason that the designer change something, going overboard like wanting a whole different design is pretty crappy.

Nobody is perfect at everything. There are just some skills that we don’t catch onto or have any idea how to do. So if we need that skill for our business we hire someone who can do it for us. It’s important to remember that graphic or web designers are professionals offering a service and that it’s their business to produce work that will help clients.

So think twice before you rip your graphic designer a new one because they used a color as an accent that you didn’t initially suggest. Designers work with the vision you have and try to take it to the next level, they try to make it work for your business and theirs!

Remember, the piece they create for you could go into their portfolio — which hey can be great exposure in the long run.

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