Will Same Sex Marriage Survive?
Stephen Sovie

What will happen to those people who gained green cards and citizenship through same sex marriages to American citizens? What will happen to all of those inheritances that resulted from same sex marriages? Will same sex marriage survive?

Maybe it won’t.

During the debates over same sex “marriage”, I was a proponent of getting the government out of marriage altogether, and having states provide civil contracts, “domestic partnerships” if you will.

These “domestic partnerships” would have exactly the same civil benefits and obligations currently enjoyed by married couples. Any couple who was able to enter into a contract would be able to take advantage of these regardless of their sex, or their consanguinity.

Marriage would be left to the churches to marry whoever they wished. If they allowed gays to be married, then that was fine and dandy. If they didn’t, that was okay too.

But that wasn’t good enough.

You had to get 5 black-robed tyrants (two of which should have recused themselves for having officiated gay “weddings”) to shove it down our throats, now cake bakers and flower arrangers who don’t want to be involved in these things are losing their livelihoods rather than violate their deeply held religious beliefs.

So once again, I will advocate for “domestic partnerships” and lobby for the government to get out of marriage altogether. If you want to entangle yourself with the government you can, or not. If you want a religious ceremony to can or not.