You Shouldn’t Have to Wear a Suit to Make Them Take You Seriously
Candice Aiston

I don’t remember anything about being in that courtroom, except that at the end of our arguments, one of the male judges told me I sounded like a “Valley girl,” and then I tried unsuccessfully not to cry. I was prepared for any question about the case, but I was not prepared for that. It was incredibly painful to work so hard and to be so proud of myself, only to have my intelligence and preparation reduced to a stereotype.

When I was taking classes in public speaking (the class was all male) we had a female teacher. Masters in public speaking. Very qualified and intelligent. She would give us pointers on how to improve. Sometimes she would criticize our presentation. She would point out places we did it wrong. Sometimes I thought she was overly critical, but I took her instruction to heart because she was trying to make me better (so did all the other guys in my group).

I still remember when she told me “you sound whiny”, and I don’t do that anymore. I deepen and slow down my voice.

When a conservative commentator tweeted about Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s suit, calling into question whether she actually struggled with money if she could buy it, I remembered my own first suit: how I had to spend half my paycheck to buy it

Well, she spent over 16 times what you did on her suit.

The suit she wore is worth $3,500 and the shoes retailing at $600. Now, we’re not in the business of shaming someone for wearing nice clothes because of their political views but Fox News think otherwise.

And they shamed her because she is parading conspicuous consumption and advocating socialism. She bemoans “income inequality” and parades around in a $3,500 suit. This is called “hypocrisy”.