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Why is it that when a man ‘prays,’ his prayers are good and benevolent even when he seeks power and destruction over others? Yet, when a woman ‘prays,’ it is evil and summoning demonic spirits even when she seeks justice and equality?

Who do witches “pray” to?

By the way, there is evidence of his assault against Dr Ford. Personal testimony is evidence, and admissible in court. Her testimony was very credible and could have been corroborated, but Trump and the republicans didn’t allow a full investigation or for any already known corroborating evidence to be heard.

The testimony of the woman who accused Emmett Till of sexual assault was “credible”. It got Emmett killed. Then she recanted.

Moreover, Kavanaugh’s unhinged testimony itself is evidence that he is unqualified for the position, as he can’t even maintain impartiality and avoid appearances of impropriety.

Sure, when you slander him and he becomes righteously angry, you call him “unhinged”.

Oh, and that’s Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

But, you already know that. That’s why you call us witches and say women’s prayers and ceremonies are somehow less than your own.

Did you read the original article, or are you just stalking me? The article was about witches in an occult store planning to “hex” Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

And prayers looking for the destruction of someone are always less than prayers looking to uplift or redeem someone.

Oh, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg isn’t looking too good lately.

Tick tock..