The Power in Giving Up
Devon Price

I wasn’t beaten for being who I was. Usually, I wasn’t even directly berated. The problem wasn’t a specific act of mistreatment or abuse, but rather the emotional and political climate that surrounded me.

You were exposed to alternate viewpoints not like yours. My guess is that if your parents are conservative, the “emotion” stuff was you. They seem, from your own description, to be if not supportive, accepting.

I don’t know your parents, but most likely they didn’t vote for Donald Trump, they voted against Hillary Clinton.

When the primary season started, Donald Trump was my 15th pick out of 17 people running. He came in right before George “walking political dead” Pataki and Lindsey “douchebag” Graham*.

As things tightened down, I was left with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Then Cruz dropped out and I was left with Trump.

Had the Democrats nominated Bernie Sanders, I would have had to make a choice. Had they nominated Jim Webb, I would have voted for Webb. But they nominated Hillary Clinton, the worst, nastiest, most corrupt candidate ever. There was no way I could abide her in the White House so I voted for her opponent who happened to be Donald Trump**.

So you can blame Hillary and the DNC for the situation we’re in.

My mom used to keep MSNBC running all the time and she loved Al Sharpton. We would argue about politics all the time. She is now in a dementia unit at a nursing home. I truly wish I could argue politics (or anything else) with her once again.

* Though after the Kavanaugh hearings, he rocketed in my estimation. John McCain must have been holding onto his balls for him.
** Now that he’s been president for two years I’ve warmed up to him, and barring any miracle like the Democrats nominating someone who is pro-life and pro-family, I’ll be voting for him again in 2020.