I hear ya!
Nicole Sallak Anderson

When I wanted to become a teacher, having the BS already made it much easier since most schools require a BS or BA to teach.

Yup, but when I got in the business (about 30 years ago), I went in with an Associates of Applied Science (Computer Science), which is a really cool major which teaches you real world skills and gets you ready for work.

I remember my first class, Programming 101. It was taught by a teacher named Dr. X*. He addressed the class the first time with this:

“My name is Dr. X. I expect to be called “doctor” because I worked hard for my PhD. This is going to be a challenging class for you. Half of you will be gone by midterm, and as we approach finals, three quarters of you will be gone. You who are left will be ideally positioned to succeed in this field.”

He was as good as his word. We lost three the first class. I survived and I have succeeded in my field.

* Name has been changed to protect the guilty. :)

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