It takes 2/3 to convict a person being impeached.
Lon Shapiro

It takes 2/3 to convict a person being impeached. Using your logic, did the Republicans made a mistake in wasting all those years to investigate and impeach Bill Clinton?

Yup! It was a colossal waste of time and money. And if you remember correctly, they paid dearly for it. ;)

And if that wasn’t a mistake, shouldn’t the Democrats have impeached Bush and Cheney?

Guess not. A District Attorney generally will not indict what he cannot convict. The clowns in Congress are not bound by common sense. If it helps their fundraising, well… ANCHORS AWEIGH!!! :)

Excluding California’s votes for two Democratic Senate candidates, Democratic senate candidates still won 7 million more votes than Republican candidates. Even if Republicans maintained control of the Senate, the national numbers show a majority of people don’t want the GOP controlling the government.

Then I guess it’s a pretty good thing we’re not a democracy, right?


I forgot to add that one of the reasons that I voted for Trump was that if he did something truly impeachable, the Republicans who didn’t like him could gang with the Democrats to convict.

He had proven to be someone who loves this country and pretty much sticks to the rules (also undoing a lot of the rule-breaking done by the former president). So far I haven’t seen anything that rises to “high crimes and misdemeanors”. Kicking the shit out of the worst candidate in any election doesn’t count.