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Before going into the pixels or sticky notes…

Pathao, the fastest growing technology startup in Bangladesh, has become a household name for its motorbike hailing & ride-sharing service. But we at Pathao don’t see ourself as a ride-sharing startup. We are a dedicated group, trying to solve local problems with technology.
Pathao Food launched to public this year on January 15. Our listing were full of local favorites where you can have a good meal for around BDT150 (2$). But the finest restaurants of Dhaka city was also in the listings to fulfill the cravings of food lovers.

The MVP & Testing

We believe in starting small and testing out ideas before…

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“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Which button do you use to go back? — The back button! The back button worked fine. It is on point. You tap back, it will take you to the previous screen. Nice job!

But it’s not that simple anymore with multiple screens, various navigation patterns and dynamic contents — It’s almost overwhelming. In a complex modern application, where there is multi-level hierarchy on navigation pattern, going back to a specific page or first page from a particular page is not always easy.

Let me take you by my journey towards solving a very common yet overlooked problem in one…

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Task Management Can Be Easy!

Hey, we all live in a world which is very competitive and every second is worthy. To properly utilizing every moment correctly, we are taking many approaches for managing our daily tasks. And the most common approach is using various task management apps. I was also one of them who uses multiple task manager. But at a point all these seems a bit overwhelming, so I take a step back. I asked myself, do I really need any task manager application?

Yes! I need task manager, because…

I forget thing easily and that’s common for human being. I am a student of science and also I…

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