Television (Reading Reflection)

In the article entitled “Making Room for TV” the author describes how the television during the postwar years was seen as a product that would bring families closer together. The article explained how during that time ideas associated with families and behavior all had to do with the idea of space. So, the television would bring everyone physically closer together, in turn bringing everyone emotionally closer together. This article explains how the TV was viewed as a very positive product at the time. In comparison however, the article entitled “On Television” the TV is portrayed as a villain instead of a hero. This article explains how the television was a product that actually hurt our culture. The article claims that TV ruined newspapers, journalism, and the public's ability to think for ourselves and form our own opinions. Also, the article entitled “Make any room your TV room” goes on to discuss yet another opinion on the television. This article has some comparisons to the first article that I discussed. For example, both articles portray the television/iPad in a positive light. However, they also have a contrasting point of view. The first article focuses on how the TV will bring families together, in the iPad article however, it focuses on how this new medium through which the public can watch TV is more geared toward individual watching. Which in turn could potentially make the family be less connected to each other as a whole. The iPad article contrasts to the “On Television” article because it does not view TV as something that is evil, but something that has simply changed our culture. I have watched in my own life how television has changed in my house over the years. When I was younger my parents and I would all sit down together after dinner and watch a television show together. Now, we will sometimes still sit and watch TV together but we have televisions in multiple rooms in our house, so there have been times when we have all been in different rooms watching different things. Personally, I do not see TV as a bad thing, I do see how it has the potential to bring people together and be used in a positive way. However, I do see how not only the TV but being able to watch TV on any device could cause a disconnect between people because we could become so absorbed by our separate shows.

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