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Last Friday night my husband and I made tacos for dinner. Tacos are an unfamiliar food for me, or I could say for Japanese, and I’ve never prepared them before. Putting various toppings in the shell was interesting, and they were both tasty and healthy (these were turkey tacos.) Tacos remind me of the Japanese cuisine “hand rolled sushi (temaki sushi).” I love it.

Here’s a link to “NHK WORLD: Dining with the Chef, Authentic Japanese Cooking, Chef Saito’s Hand Rolled SUSHI (Temaki Sushi)”

Mind Map (image and summary)

Mind Map (image)

As a process, after I wrote “health and well-being”, I branched out the most strongly related words to the domain, such as “meditation”, “food” or “environment”. Then, I continued writing text from each word to reach to the edge of the space. For instance, when I started from the word “meditation”, I kept branching out to the word “karate”, “Japan” or “drying clothes” until there was no space left to add more. Then, I moved on to the next word, “food.” I used this strategy to focus on one word at a time.

When I branched out from a word, I tried to choose positive words. For example, “clean water” and “clean air” were branched out, not the word “pollution.” I also wanted to choose things that I’m interested in or I’ve had experience with before. For instance, “classical music” and “pop music” were branched out from the word “music.” However, I’m not interested in country music, and I’ve never played jazz.

I found it was interesting to look at the connections and see that some branches reached to a word related to Japan, my home country. It is understandable because of my strategy of choosing words that I was both interested in and have experience with, that it was easier to continue branching out.

Mind Map (digitization)

Mind Map (digitization)

Suggested Themes

These are the three specific themes that I think would be interesting to explore.

1. Meditation:

I like meditating very much, and I do it often. It helps me feel relaxed and stay positive. I bet meditation is a worthy area of exploration because of the stress in our hectic lives. We need to take a break from continually moving and doing to liberate our spirit from time to time. I feel that by doing this we can avoid mental fatigue.

2. Music:

Music also makes me feel relaxed and happy. I think both listening and playing are worthy activities. Singing makes you energetic, and when we sing along with music or together with another person, you might be filled with a feeling of unity. As for classical music (orchestra), beautiful music can move you to feelings and emotions without words.

3. Recycling:

Environmental issues are one of the biggest problems in the world. We have to save energy and conserve materials to sustain our society, and we need to think seriously about what we should be doing NOW. However, many don’t notice the impact their casual decisions make in daily life, and some simply don’t care about it. By recycling, we can reduce the amount of trash we produce, particularly in dense, urban environments like Tokyo, New York or even in the Twin Cities. A good place to start is in imagining how various kinds of trash is made, what materials are used, and how they could be reused in the future.

10 Silly Ideas

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