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Firstly, if you have just come across Bubbled, welcome! You can check out our journey so far here: https://medium.com/@SeeBubbled/bubbled-the-journey-so-far-e3fa06db4a8a. Now to the business at hand!

Presale Bonus — No longer a lock-up period!

If you purchased BBL tokens by playing our dapp Blocklord you will have qualified to receive a 20% bonus of additional BBL tokens which were going to be locked for a year; registering early for the presale would have earned you a 10% bonus, also locked. We have now decided to airdrop them to you with no lockup period! …

As the premise of selling virtual spaces that correspond to physical locations takes hold, we will start to see other platforms offering the same to the global community via the smart contracts of blockchain platforms.

Decentralisation means a company places faith in their community to use their platforms utility tokens for their (the company’s) intended purpose; however, everyone in effect becomes a ‘centralised entity’ as that ‘intended purpose’ can only be unlocked by the ‘digital keys’ — the platforms cryptocurrency.

Upgrading for a New Purpose

We are all familiar with ‘forking’ — which occurs when:

A single blockchain splits into…

Tokens or Coins — Which is it?

Coins refer to the PoW (Proof of Work) reward granted to a blockchain node for its role in contributing to the network. For instance, the reward granted to nodes for playing a role in producing new blocks for the Bitcoin blockchain is a ‘BitCOIN’. As such, any work-produced reward from a blockchain network, are called coins i.e. ETH is a coin, ZIL is a coin, and QKC is a coin. PoS (Proof of Stake) blockchains also produce ‘coins.’

With PoW, new coins are difficult to produce as their creation is hardwired into the…

This series explores some of the functions of our smart contract unlocked by the utility token, BBL. We will be discussing some of the features and hopefully, to people new to tokenomics within the world of blockchain, demystifying the role of smart contracts within decentralised platforms and how they replace the role of 3rd party personnel, enable autonomous actions to take place and incentivise community adoption.

Part 1: A New Naming Convention

Part 2: Token Reissue Events — Role of a Decentralised Reserve

Part 3: Swap and Burn — Multiple VSP’s under one standard

Part 4: Staking to seed —…

Head of Business Development & Partnerships, Christian and COO & Co-founder Marc, at #C3CryptoConference, Berlin.

Quick update for all of you following our journey. Lots done over nearly a year now…some great things in the pipeline!

Jun 17 — We ask ‘What about #ARGovernance?’ http://bit.ly/2EYLDEN

We see need for: Identity and Ownership and need to build in line for web 3.0’s #decentralization.

Jul 17 — Business case developed http://bit.ly/2EZB7Nm

Sept 17 — Jay Sammit predicts trillion dollar AR industry and tells Tai Lopez http://bit.ly/2vnLoDq

Sept 17Ori Inbar’s seminal piece on the AR Cloud http://bit.ly/2HEGXci

Oct 17 — We release whitepaper describing how the #decentralized AR cloud will be built http://bit.ly/BrandedDapp

Nov 17 —…

In the first article of this series, we described why ownership and responsibility of virtual land is needed and how it can be provided and achieved. In short; rather than allowing this new and exciting medium and diverse public space to be monopolised exclusively by monolithic organizations we foresee a fairer approach to AR participation through virtual land ownership which is an opportunity available to all.

This article briefly discusses the tools needed to enable AR landowners and participants to create a flourishing ecosystem and avoid potential conflicts among brands, AR creators and those to whom this content is distributed.

A Framework for AR Content Placement

Huge thanks to TonyVT SkarredGhost for taking an interest in us and interviewing our CEO. Link to the article is here.

Hello, can you introduce yourself to my readers?

Hi all, i’m Andre Voisin, founder and CEO of Bubbled.

Talk to us about Bubbled!

Bubbled is the first globally persistent and decentralised AR cloud in which you can own virtual spaces tethered to real world locations on the blockchain for experiences in AR. Our presale starts in April. …

Bambi in Africa. This original idea and concept blossomed into something that influenced and sculpted the childhoods of many, myself included. It became Disney’s, ‘The Lion King.’

For me, it, and other Disney films, nurtured something important and essential for anyone with an idea — imagination. So in a way, it could be argued that Charlie Fink the guy who came up with the idea of ‘Bambi in Africa’ during his time at Disney laid down fertile soil for an idea like Bubbled to grow.

Fink is a former Disney, AOL and AG Interactive executive who writes about VR, AR…

Bubbled is an AR content cloud with decentralized tools for governance, built on the blockchain.

Bubbled’s AR cloud is unique because it is decentralized. Decentralization is the movement of departments within a organization away from a single point of administration and is important to the growth of an AR ecosystem seeking to empower its community rather than the platform provider.

It provides an opportunity to have greater control over individual AR experiences, personal data and the ability to monetize creations as an AR/3D content creator.

Decentralization enacted out using distributed ledger technology (Blockchain) enables the consolidation of functions usually performed…

Photo credit: William Mougayar from Tokenomics — A Business Guide to Token Usage, Utility and Value

Humans, perhaps by design, defy desired expectation when presented with choice and balk against being ‘kettled’ toward a certain direction. Free will means just that, the ability to decide freely, however; can will truly be called ‘free’ in a society that has been carefully constructed over the centuries by a centralised cabal to enable their continued reign in power, hidden or in plain view?

To put it simply, Morpheus asked Neo: ‘Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now?’ or another way to say it, ‘Do you think that choice you made was of your own free will?’

Globalisation has…


Decentralised virtual spaces and governance for AR content. Check out details on our upcoming ICO https://www.bubbled.io/ — Telegram: https://t.me/seebubbled

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