Why media coverage is important for growth

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Jun 22, 2018 · 2 min read

As you might have noticed, business-related stories are appearing ever-more in news feeds on social media. While news stories help inform people on what’s rocking the boat in business, they are also a great marketing tool for companies seeking to coin their brand, sell more — or even attract investors:

»Media can help consolidate a company’s image as best brand in business due to the third-party validation-effect lend by editorial media’s blue stamp, why speculating in obtaining publicity can often be of far greater value to companies seeking to grow their business than other means of marketing«, says Nic. Rossen, managing partner of Copenhagen-based Rossen & Company, who is also the author of two scientific studies within the field, both of which underpin editorial media’s branding superiority over paid advertising — the latest on marketing of consultancies and law firms, which caused excitement in the international trade paper PRweek.

PR focus on portfolio

While PR collaboration between an agency and a company is usually set up one at a time, we at SEED Capital are now engaging in a more advanced collaboration: Not with primary focus on SEED Capital as a venture fund, but rather on the expanding portfolio of companies — to assist these in making PR more easily accessible:

»We recognize that strategic communication with media can be extremely valuable for our companies. Thus it is vital, that they find an agency who will execute and who understand what it means to be a startup. After talking to several agencies, it seemed natural for us to establish a preferred partnership with Rossen & Company, who specialize in thought-leaders, knowhow and knowledge heavy companies — and furthermore already service some of our portfolio companies in local and global media contexts, including Airtame and Coinify« says Line Byrfelt Grønlykke, Communications Manager of SEED Capital.

Top-down’ approach is ‘win-win’

The partnership will involve a range of tailored service solutions, which will be offered exclusively to SEED Capital’s growing portfolio of approximately 80 Danish companies, with the aim of creating valuable profiling in both Danish and foreign media. Rossen & Company are enthusiastic about the possibilities of the new partnership:

“As we are specialized in PR-management of both large and small thought-leaders and disruptors, it will be very exciting to engage with the SEED portfolio, which we hope to on-board in our own portfolio of growth-oriented clients. We have gone for a ‘top-down’ cooperation with SEED Capital as it strengthens the value proposition for all parties: Great PR can enable portfolio companies to obtain a strengthened brand position, while SEED Capital ultimately gets more valuable companies; it’s win-win«, says managing partner Nic. Rossen about the new partnership.

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