MOU with Ministry of Energy and Power of Zimbabwe for 220MW SPV

Apr 23, 2018 · 2 min read

On September 19, 2017, signed a MOU with Ministry of Energy and Power Development of Zimbabwe for 220MW photovoltaic installation project.

It is a large-scale project in Zimbabwe, includes a solar power plant and a Grid Connection Project. It is located in Marondera, Mutorasanga, Tokwe, Haven, Sherwood and Chertsey and starts construction in 2019 after the completion of MOA in May 2018.

Through this solar power plant, the Zimbabwe government will designate an economic free trade zone and aim at creating an industrial complex of social infrastructures.

Since Zimbabwe is located in the heart of the Grid in the South African Confederation, the electricity can be sold to neighboring countries through the substation of Zimbabwe.

This is the reason that the Zimbabwean government consider as a very important project, and it is also supported by the South African Confederation.

In fact, the South African Export-Import Bank located in South Africa is guaranteeing the project financing as well.


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