SEED International Center in Jakarta, Indonesia

- Landmark high-rise building in Jakarta, Indonesia invested by Singapore SEED Group

- Ecological Building by ESSD (Environmentally Sound and Sustainable Development)

- Large-scale complex consisting of offices, houses, shops and hotels with a total investment of USD 700million

  • Developer : SEED Group PTE. LTD.
  • Site Area : 16,600㎡
  • Site Coverage Area : 6,640㎡ (KDB : 40%)
  • GFA : 132,800㎡ (KLB : 8)
  • Basement Coefficient : 9,130㎡ (KTB : 55%)
  • Parking Area : 36,520㎡ (B2~B5)
  • No. of Story : 55
  • Building Height Office : 286m, Residence : 239m

Hello everyone, I am very pleased and proud to introduce the SEED International Center.

The SEED International Center is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

It has a land area of 16,600 square meters, a Gross Floor Area of 132,800 square meters, and a floor scale of 55 floors. We are committed of making the SEED International Center a landmark in Jakarta.

As you can see from this master plan, the renderings of the exterior building lines are very smooth and there are green plants on every floor.

The city of Jakarta in Southeast Asia has high temperatures all year around, and thus consumes a lot of energy in air conditioning and its facilities.

The SEED International Center uses the Eco-system to reduce energy consumption and ensure proper temperature. Sustainability Concept and Energy Saving Plan achieve the theme of energy conservation and environmental friendly project.

In addition, you can see that the building facade is very beautiful.

We are planning to start construction in 2019, and completed by 2023.

This concludes the brief introduction of the SEED International Center.

Thank you.