SEED Eco-system

Apr 23, 2018 · 2 min read
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Allow me to introduce the Eco-system of SEED Group in detail.

The SEED Group mainly has three different entities as you can see from the chart.

The three entities complement each other and is the core organizational structure of the SEED Group.

I would like to introduce the followings in detail.

First entity, Sino Eco Energy Development is an industrial development company. It is also the core entity for everyone to earn revenue. From this organization, we are establishing and developing global environmental protection projects.

Once the project is established and confirmed, we submit the information to the SEED Vault Foundation to form a so-called “Energy Farm” Project to proceed the project. “Energy Farms” are created according to the region and progress of the project. For example, “A” Farm is a Solar power project, “B” Farm is a Hydropower plant, and “C” Farm is a Biomass fuel business.

The farmer who holds the SEED crypto currency will select suitable projects for planting on the farm, based on project portfolio, yield rate, and return rate.

After the farm planting cycle is over, Sino Eco Energy Development will distribute the profit of the project into the nettle of the farmer’s wallet in the form of Zera.

The potential Farmers, or individuals wishing to participate in the project, can also participate through our third entity, the SEED Trading Market.

At the SEED Trading Market, individuals who are willing to participate in environmental friendly projects can obtain Zera by buying the SEED Planter. The SEED planter can obtain the Zera as a reward from the physical exercise dApp.

Here, I briefly introduce the SEED dApp. This is an application similar to motion records. We will reward Zera by confirming the time and trajectory of each SEED planter’s physical motion.

The objective is to make everyone choose the environmental friendly way of travel as much as possible; reduce carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles and reduce air pollution. This is the idea of giving incentives to individuals who contributes to environmental friendly project.

The Farmer obtained Zera by the physical movement or activity can trade the Zera with other crypto currencies through the SEED Trading Market exchange. It can also be traded at any other exchanges in their respective countries.

This explains the three main entities of the SEED group.

Thank you everyone.

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