SEED Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Yuan Wei Song, the representative of the SEED Vault Foundation located in Singapore. It is an honor to introduce myself to all of you.

Today, the World is conducting various businesses to protect the environment. As a global powerhouse, the Chinese government regards great importance to environmental protection.

China has already launched its “Carbon Emissions Trading System” on December 19, 2017, and it is expected that the amount of carbon market transactions will reach RMB 3 trillion (477 Billion USD).

In addition, the investments in environmental friendly Eco projects during the “13th five-yearplan period”, will exceed RMB 14 trillion (2.23 Trillion USD).

Therefore, SEED Group is actively responded, and participating in environmental friendly Eco projects to meet the needs of Chinese government.

We focus on environmental protection projects such as solar power generation, hydroelectric power generation, and waste recycling etc.

The SEED Vault Foundation will vigorously develop global environmental protection projects to a great extent.

The SEED Charity Organization will also collaborate with environmental protection personnel and companies around the globe, to join the environmental friendly industry and commit themselves to the development of global environmental awareness.

Now, I also invite colleagues who are preparing or who are already involved in the environmental friendly projects, to join us and participate in ‘global environmental protection’ business.

The SEED Group adheres to the “people-oriented” philosophy. And to commit everyone as a driving force to preserve the earth’s environment.

We are the first to apply blockchain technology to environmental protection projects. We would like everyone get rewards through the working mechanism of physical movement. This enables not only profitable to participants, but also to develop environmental protection projects through the SEED Vault Foundation.

SEED has two unique features

  1. The most of the crypto currencies have only virtual liquidity and have no value in themselves. However, the SEED network is linked to a real business which returns profits to the participants participating in the environmental protection projects released by Sino Eco Energy Development.
  2. Almost all the crypto currencies are virtual intangible assets. The SEED network currency is tangible assets. These assets are updated in real time through the projects we develop. And the participants are viable to their own assets and status through the platform in real time.

The SEED has its own unique, non-replicable blockchain technology. Which makes the SEED a globally unique business platform for environmental friendly projects around the world.

Scientists have warned that if average temperature of the Earth rises by six degrees, 95% of the species will be extinct.

Now, the Earth’s temperature has already risen by 1 degree. The environmental protection is imminent. The SEED projects are related to “Save the Earth” and to “Develop better life” for all mankind.

Please join us to realize the dream of a harmoniously developing Earth we live on.

Protect the earth,

You can do it together with the SEED.