The Second ZERA Drop,

Download Zeplanter, Down Drops ZERA!

Jan 16, 2019 · 4 min read

Hello everyone! You came at precisely the perfect time. Why? Because SEED Group is hosting another event for all our Pre-Farmers out there. :)

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Meet the New Characters!

This 2nd ZERA Drop is being hosted to celebrate the Beta-test release of our application — Zeplanter. The alpha test was hosted in Korea; the beta test will be hosted in English. Thus, this actually is the first English version of the App that is released! (ie. please note there may be some bugs. Please do report them!)

— A Step Closer to a Better Earth, the ZEPLANTER APP🌳

Zeplanter APP is an APP that rewards users of physical activity such as walking🚶🏻and running🏃🏼‍♀️, through PoC Protocol. PoC stands for Proof of Certified emission reduction and is SEED’s unique Proof of Work method. In other words, by installing the application and doing physical activity, you can acquire ZERA Exchange Points that can be exchanged to ZERA. 🤗
For more information, please refer to the ZERA Whitepaper to be released later, or simply try it out!

The 2nd ZERA Drop, this time, asks you to simply:

1. Download Zeplanter from our Application Stores
2. Create your code and enter it on your Mobile Zeplanter App.
3. Receive 500 ZERA!

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This is the Coindrop Site, all renovated for the Zeplanter Install Event!

Step 1: Download “Zeplanter” from Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Step 2: While you wait for it to download and install, move to the ZERA Drop site! (The link is here:, then Click on the “Coindrop Link”)

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Newly renovated Coindrop page dedicated to the 2nd Airdrop! You can see Zeples in the hot-air balloon.

Step 3: First, enter your Ether Wallet Address.
!! Make sure this is the same Ether Wallet Address you will use on your Zeplanter App!!

Step 4: Click on the “Create Code” and move to the next page.

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This is the page AFTER you click on “Create Code”

Step 5: Click “Copy Code” or memorize your code. Then, move to the fully installed Zeplanter App.

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This is the Zeplanter App page AFTER you click on ‘4’.

Step 6: Click on the […] button (see ‘4’ in the picture) to get to the displayed page.

Step 7: Enter you Ether Wallet Address in the field marked ‘5’ and click “Change” marked ‘6’. This Wallet must be identical to the address you entered in the ZERA Drop Site.

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Step 8: Now, click on the “Enter Event Code” to enter the code you created on the ZERA Drop Site. :D

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Step 9: Enter the code you created on the ZERA Drop Site and click on “Confirm”!

This actually concludes the participation to the event! It seems long, but it is very simple steps so it shouldn’t take long.

If you’d like to check if the participant completed successfully, here is how:

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That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

500 ZERA per participant

  1. Participation allowed only ONCE per account.
  2. Both Ether Wallet Addresses you entered MUST be identical.
  3. The ZERA reward can be found in the Zeplanter.
  4. Token Distribution for all events will be after we upload our tokens on the ERC Mainnet!

Thank you all for participating, and hope you stay tuned to SEED Project and our updates! So long, Farmers! 😘

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