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Summer is just around the corner, but Korea, where I currently am, is already hitting 30 degrees Celcius. Summer and Winter keep getting longer and harsher. It is not surprising considering how the Earth is getting hotter each year.

Earlier this year, CNN has broadcasted a giant pile of trash in Korea calling it out as “Trash Mountain”. Other media channels and TV programs in Korea also address the issue of neglected waste and worsening waste problems.

SEED has noticed this issue before it came to the attention of the public! SEED entered the Waste Intermediate Treatment industry in early 2018 to intervene and respond to the waste problem based on SEED ideology and professional predictions. …

The News around the world presented us with the severity, and the War against wastes began.

[Photo: Press Coverage regarding Waste Problem]

On March 3, 2019, CNN focused on the issue of waste in Korea with the title of “Trash Mountain” in Korea.
CNN points out that Korea’s annual per capita consumption of plastics is the world’s highest at 132 kilograms, and referred to 173,000 tons of mountainous wastes accumulated in the waste recycling company in Uesung-gun, Gyeongbuk province, Korea as “Trash Mountain.” The company revealed that while it had received permits to dispose of 2,000 tons of wastes, but has accumulated over 80 times the that at the time of coverage.

[Table 1: Packaging Plastic Usage per Person Annually]
(Source: Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe (APME) l Economics Review)

Recently, media companies and experts in Korea and around the world have raised serious concerns about waste disposal issues. According to the results from the Ministry of Environment of Korea, there are 235 piles of illegal waste, accumulatively approximately 1.2 million tons, left in many parts of the country. Wastes yet-to-be processed in Korea and waste that has been transported illegally to Southeast Asia but are now left untouched in the ports are causing other subsequent problems such as odor and fire. …

What is Blockchain?

Wow. What a question.

There is a really difficult and complicated way to answer this and a really simplified way to answer this. For you Crypto-Newbies, let’s stick to a simple version.

Blockchain, simply put, is storing data in blocks and then connecting them in a chain form. All data is then shared and stored by every network participant, and the process is often classified as a ‘distributed data storing system’ and or a ‘distributed ledger’.

Way too simplified, is it? Okay, let’s talk in metaphors.

Banks vs Blockchain — in other words, centralized vs distributed ledger system

When we transfer money into or out of banks, the Bank collects and stores the transaction data. This is what we call ‘centralized’ — the flow of data is centered towards the bank. Blockchain does not have a central server in which the transaction data is stored but distributes all transaction data to ledgers held by individual participants (nodes), who compare and verify all data to make sure that the ledger has not been tampered with or has any errors. If there are any discrepancies between transaction data recorded by nodes, the majority wins. This process of comparing ledgers and reaching a decision is called a ‘consensus protocol’. …

Cryptocurrency: Token vs. Coin

Greetings, everyone! Today, I am writing to inform you about the two terms you probably hear most about when dealing with Cryptocurrencies, which are:


In the cryptocurrency market these days, people tend to use them alternatively. But! They are two clearly different things. Do you know what the difference between them is? Even if you do, let’s recap and find out what they are!


Coins, like Bitcoin, exist on a higher level than the Tokens. They are cryptocurrencies that trade and operate through their own network called blockchain. They work independently as they have their own platform.


Tokens are cryptocurrencies that operate on someone else’s platform. They require a network of other currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum to exist and operate. …

SRF Energy Farm 2nd Round 365 Farming will begin soon[Successfully Ended]

Greetings Farmers and Pre Farmers!

We ended the SRF 1st Round Farming in merely three hours in February 25th. Today we return with the news of a new Farming!
We thank you so much for the enthusiastic participation and we have prepared a full Harvest this Farming as well!

This Farming allows harvest every day for 365 days just like the 1st Round Farming. You can participate with the SEED you have on your dashboard, and for those of you who hold SEED Coins in your personal Wallets or bought SEED Coins at the Exchanges can send in the SEED Coins to the SEED Master Wallet Address, and use the TxHash[1] to participate in the Farming Application. …

Introducing Solid Recovered Fuel Energy Farm

Greetings Farmers!

Today, I would like to introduce to you about the ‘SRF CDM Energy Project’ at SEED! What is SRF? SRF refers to ‘Solid Recovered Fuel’ and it can be understood as the intermediary processing for the wastes such as grinding and shredding of vinyl, plastics or waste wood.
Let’s find out more, shall we?

SRF(Solid Refuse Fuel)?

○ Solid fuels collectively referred to as solid fuels which have been converted into fuel through the process of crushing, drying, etc. of combustible materials such as waste synthetic resins, waste paper, waste wood, etc., with a calorific value of 4,000 kcal/kg or more.
— It is considered renewable energy in Korea because it can minimize the generation of waste and maximize the recycling of available resources in waste. …


“SEED Project is a business platform that suggests a method that allows you to easily participate in the attractive eco-friendly and renewable energy industry through blockchain technology”

  • SEED is a project that implements a platform that allows anyone to participate in Earth’s environmental protection and eco-friendly and renewable energy business through blockchain technology.
  • SEED is a blockchain project that operates based on global offline projects and assets. It is also an ECO business model that invests, develops, operates, manages and organizes the eco-friendly and renewable businesses in the real world through blockchain technology.
  • SEED will evolve into a stable and scalable platform once the revenue is diversified by combining offline (real economy) and digital ecosystem blockchain technologies. …

SEED Project, To Be Listed on Global Top 20 Exchange!

A warm hello to all SEED Farmers and Pre-Farmers.
Before the actual notice, we would like to deliver sincere appreciation and gratitude to all our community members. Here are some important notification and news about our project.

1. Token Listing
(Listing Review of Exchange has Completed Successfully, MOU and Listing Contract Signed!)

As we have previously announced, we have been working tirelessly to keep our words and list our tokens on exchanges within the Q1 of 2019. After countless meetings and negotiations with various exchanges, we have made significant progress.
Although we are not at liberty to discuss exact exchange name, the most prominent exchange right now is a Global exchange that is in the Global Top 20. Also, we are working towards further listing on multiple exchanges.
To be more precise, we have through continued diligence have passed the exchange review last week, and have signed the contract with an exchange just yesterday as well as an MOU for cooperation for business development and marketing.
We are not disclosing the exact schedule for listing at the moment because the step of discussing the arrangement between the engineering teams still remain. …

Download Zeplanter, Down Drops ZERA!

Hello everyone! You came at precisely the perfect time. Why? Because SEED Group is hosting another event for all our Pre-Farmers out there. :)

Meet the New Characters!

This 2nd ZERA Drop is being hosted to celebrate the Beta-test release of our application — Zeplanter. The alpha test was hosted in Korea; the beta test will be hosted in English. Thus, this actually is the first English version of the App that is released! (ie. please note there may be some bugs. Please do report them!)

What is Zeplanter, and why is it important?

— A Step Closer to a Better Earth, the ZEPLANTER APP🌳

Zeplanter APP is an APP that rewards users of physical activity such as walking🚶🏻and running🏃🏼‍♀️, through PoC Protocol. PoC stands for Proof of Certified emission reduction and is SEED’s unique Proof of Work method. In other words, by installing the application and doing physical activity, you can acquire ZERA Exchange Points that can be exchanged to ZERA. 🤗
For more information, please refer to the ZERA Whitepaper to be released later, or simply try it out! …

The SEED Group’s robust preparations for launching the only solar power project in the Yangon region!! Made publicly available to our Pre-Farmers!

Photo 1: Substation in Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

Hello SEED Farmers and Pre-Farmers!

A little while back, SEED members including SEED Co-Founder Young-Geun, Shin have visited Yangon, Myanmar. Let me update you on how it all went!

Photo 2: Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar’s Most Famous Buddhist Temple

Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country located near the equator. For some, the name “Burma” may be more familiar. The country is very large, about 6.7 times that of the Republic of Korea. It is also a country very rich in resources. Until the 1960s, it was Asia’s largest rice producer and enjoyed much wealth. It is also a country with oil — the “black gold” — and produce teak(timber), not to mention that it is often said that 90% of the rubies that circulate in the world are from Myanmar. Although it is now underdeveloped due to the military dictatorship government has regulated overseas investment, since the easing of foreign investment regulations in 2012, it is also a country in which many foreign investors are aggressively investing. Myanmar is also regarded as a geographically important place because it is bordered by China, India, Bangladesh, and Thailand. …




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