Why Rebrand The Boulder OAF

What a brand represents to its customers is very important. The brand should not only describe what the business does for its customers, but should also represent the mission and values for stakeholders involved with the organization.

Our Beginnings

In 2010 Jason Calacanais wrote this post Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Pay to Pitch. But he did more than just write a blog post on the subject, he took action, he launched the Open Angel Forum. This was an initiative that the Boulder community could also get behind. With Jason’s help, David Cohen, Rob Delwo, Tim Falls, Fletcher Richman and Elizabeth Kraus started, and grew, the Boulder chapter of the Open Angel Forum, a community focused event where active angel investors discover some of the best early-stage startups in the region.

Jason launched these events all over the country and had some good success, but by 2013 only the Boulder Chapter was still running. Since that time we’ve operated the event independently. We’ve recently decided to rebrand the event. Our goal is to choose a name that more accurately represents our mission and values.

Welcome to Seed Angel!

Invite Only

Our event hosts a curated group of the top-entrepreneurs and aims to connect them with a group of active angels. The event is invite only, and is not open to the public. While we are advocates of open platforms in most instances, we’ve found that it’s difficult to create meaningful interactions when groups get too large. Therefore, we cap the event size to fifty people including sponsors and entrepreneurs. Our fear is that a public event would make the forum too large and alter the experience.

Community First

Our mission is to strengthen the fabric of the entrepreneurial ecosystems by connecting active investors with entrepreneurs. We value community first and our new name highlights the community over the organization (Boulder Seed Angel).


The forum is currently our premier event, but we are uncertain how the future will unfold. The name Seed Angel provides flexibility in our product offering. Perhaps we see demand for an angel investing educational series? Or maybe it takes the form of something different. I’m not exactly sure where the path will lead, but I believe that there are number of ways to strengthen the fabric of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This name has more flexibility.

Thank you to Jason Calacanis for taking action and starting the Open Angel Forum. The event wouldn’t exist today if he hadn’t taken initiative back in 2010.

Today it’s time to rebrand and start fresh. I hope to see you all at the next Seed Angel event.

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