How I instantly created a category page that drove 12,000 unique visitors to my online florist website

We opened our flower business in 2015 after providing services for a few major event companies in our area. With a great supplier and a strong local reputation, we figured it was a good time to get online and see if we could grow our business to branch out to different areas. Once we set up our site, we were told by friends to find a consultant to help us build our online presence. Without having much experience in the marketing game, we decided to go with a local SEO agency to help us get started.

The initial results were great. For $1,500 we achieved a lift of 20% in traffic to our site and sales increased by 12%. Over the following few months, after a brief spike, the numbers stagnated and we weren’t seeing as many orders coming in.

After a few months, the agency costs were becoming increasingly difficult to justify, and online campaigns were too expensive. We were also realizing that we had to create a lot more content for our customers, particularly around the holidays — and we did not have the manpower to produce it. Struggling to come up with any solutions, we decided to do a little research.

We came across Phrasetech, who were offering a platform for Artificial Intelligence that provided automated content marketing services. Basically what this meant was that all of the manual content creation work was going to be done for us.

Phrasetech Category Page for Wedding Bouquets

Using Phrasetech’s platform, we created two hundred search-optimized category pages for our products using high-value long tail keywords. This was instantly done for using Artificial Intelligence, yet still enabled us to control our content, page themes and brand messaging. Once we added them onto our site, we almost immediately saw an increase in traffic that stayed steady — with two of the pages generating 20% of the traffic to our site.

Within the first couple of months we saw a substantial amount of new orders come in and over 2,000 new monthly visitors to our site from the 300 visits we used to see using the agency. Eight months after using the AI produced content, we had our biggest sales month ever with five of the pages driving 87% of the traffic to our site and 12,000 new visitors to our site overall.

I definitely recommend you give Phrasetech a try. To get started, click here or on the button below.

The content marketing world is fairly intimidating, especially as a small business trying to take their services online. While competing with some giants out there, and with limited resources — it is difficult to make a mark. Using a platform that can help you scale your content, boost SEO and target customers while still giving you full control has been a game changer for us. Now we can breathe easy and keep doing what we do best, while our new pages do the rest.