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A compelling and rewarding game about the power of love and care. The World of Starchi is overrun with greed, strife, misery, hunger and indifference. Humanity has lost its way and has forgotten its purpose, but most of all, it has forgotten that it alone does not inhabit the Earth. A darkness has spread across the planet, invisible to all but a species of never before seen creatures, called Starchi. Having dwelled within the Earth, and having survived on the energy of the Sun, the Starchi have now come out in search of new energy, for the Sun no longer shines upon their homes.

Join Friendly Battles

Any Starchi Collector can create a battle arena for a low fee and decide which Starchi from their collection will attend the battle. Winners collect the majority of the fee plus earnings in reward tokens.

  • Any eligible Starchi Collector can join
  • Winners earn 85% of the START token fee plus the in-game rewards token
  • 10% of the remaining START tokens goes to staking income and the last 5% is burned

Climb the Leaderboards

Various analytics are tracked to help identify top Starchi Collectors and their Starchis. Those higher in rank can earn more wages. Key performance indicators include:

  • Oldest and healthiest Starchis in the village
  • Most active Starchi Collectors
  • Most battle wins and losses
  • Top Starchi Collectors
  • Least healthy Starchis and their Collectors

Dual-Token Economy

Starchi will operate in a dual-token economy. The first token will be used for trading Starchis, while the second token will provide in-game economic incentives.

  • $START — Our incubator launchpad’s token used to grant access to the game and trade Starchi
  • Starchi Liquid Luck ($ELIXIR) — Our magical mix that makes the Collector wealthier for a period of time (while in possession of the elixir)

Staking Income

Raising Starchis is no easy task. Several core Staking Income Pools exist to compensate Collectors for their hard work:

  • Stake START to earn rewards
  • Stake MATIC/START and MATIC/ELIXIR LP to earn rewards
  • Stake in one of two modes: VESTED or LIQUID

* LIQUID — rewards subject to a 2.5% burn & no vesting

* VESTED — rewards are 2x LIQUID & subject to vesting

  • Earned rewards can be claimed as vesting START or as liquid ELIXIR in-game tokens

Play to Earn

The World of Starchi is a Play to Earn economy providing Collectors with wages based on the completion of certain objectives. The tokenomics provides for a Play to Earn allocation of 20,000,000 ELIXIR for in-game rewards.

  • Earn START arena fees & ELIXIR by winning battles
  • Earn ELIXIR in future contests & tournaments
  • Earn START & ELIXIR with staking income
  • Earn ELIXIR by topping leaderboards, such as Most Active Collector, Longest Starchi holder, and more

Collectors’ Fee Income

The built-in Play to Earn model combined with a fair set of fee redistribution rules allow Starchi Collectors to compound their earnings in the game. Purchases from the market are distributed as follows:

  • 75% of START used as rewards to MATIC/START or MATIC/ELIXIR LP and single-sided START stakers
  • 15% of START goes to treasury
  • 10% of START will be burned

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We plant , condition , make your Funds sprout and burst into blossom with flying colors in the Blockchain Garden.

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We plant , condition , make your Funds sprout and burst into blossom with flying colors in the Blockchain Garden.