Thank you, marchers! But we’re not done!

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What may turn out to be the largest global protest in history could also turn out to be of little consequence–if we let it. But it doesn’t have to go the way of the Iraq war protests, or the Occupy movement. Protests without a clear agenda, or a plan for further action end up being nothing more than symbolic displays of unity and solidarity before turning into fractious cliques powerless to effect meaningful change.

We must use this momentum to take action now!

It is not enough to defend progressive values, we must demand increased adoption of those values.

It is not enough to defend the Affordable Care Act, we must demand Medicare for all!

It is not enough to donate to Planned Parenthood, we should demand more funding for Planned Parenthood, and demand more access to vital health services they provide.

It is not enough to call our representatives, or tweet to them, or email them. We must write to them, and show up in person at their offices and public events where they appear, and we must make our demands to their faces.

It is not enough to make demands of our representatives at the national level. It is just as important–if not more so–to make these demands of our local officials, and to hold them accountable.

It is not enough to rely on our elected representatives, we must get involved with local politics. Attend community meetings. Show up at city hall, or your local council meetings. Run for office!

It is not enough to just stand up for our own causes, we must stand against every injustice!

It is not enough to simply resist authoritarianism, we must regain authority!

We must learn and use the tools for non-violent resistance and revolution.





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