Life Change Anniversary

One year ago, my life changed.

I had been invited by Lamp Post Group to hear Gary Vaynerchuk speak in Chattanooga. Gary is one of those guys that I have looked up to for the past few years. Seeing him speak was a dream come true.

After arriving in Chattanooga and getting a tour of the Lamp Post office from my friend, Cameron, I knew immediately that I was about to make a big change.

I sent my then-girlfriend a simple text:


An hour or so later, I finally got to hear Gary speak, and he only further confirmed my impulsive decision to move to Chattanooga. He spoke at length about his love for the city and all of the amazing stuff that was happening.

I moved to Chattanooga a few weeks later, where I spent five of the best months of my life.

Though I no longer live in Chattanooga, I can’t be more thankful that a year ago, I made an impulsive decision. The last year hasn’t been easy, but it’s definitely been worth it.

I’ve learned.

I’ve grown.

I’ve cried.

I’ve rejoiced.

I’ve been beaten down.

I’ve gotten back up.

Thank you, Chattanooga and Gary for helping to change my life.

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