“Yo! Want to come over and have a Capri Sun?”

Remember when you were 8 years old? Or 10? Or even 12?

When you were hanging out with your friends, what did you do? Did you call up Bobby and say, “Hey man! Let’s meet for a Capri Sun later.”?

No. (If you actually did, please contact me.)

You called up Bobby and said, “Hey man! Let’s go ride bikes! Meet you at the parking lot in 5.”

When did it become acceptable that almost every social interaction should revolve around drinking? We meet for beers. We grab a drink. We have happy hour. Hell, I’ve even heard of “Mommy and Me Martini Mondays.”

We need to get back to interacting with friends and family in an active environment.

Go for a run. Take a walk. Go on a bike ride. Play tennis. Play chess. Go to a jump park. Throw the ball in the park.

I promise that this will bring far more enjoyment and relaxation than meeting your friend for a drink after work.

My challenge to you this week is to call up a friend and make a plan to do something together that does not revolve around drinking.

If you’re still thirsty afterward, go have a drink together…because after all Capri Suns are DELICIOUS.

P.S.-I am not frowning upon drinking. I enjoy a drink as much as the next guy, but I’ve learned that social interactions don’t have to center around alcohol.

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