12 Inspiring Ways My Anxiety Elevated My Life
Tim Denning

The whole gamification advice really sticks with me. You mentioned the app Calm for meditation. I would suggest the app Habitica (also has a good website) for helping with gamifying your life. It helps with tracking to do lists as well as good and bad habits.

I really did like all the advice on helping to reduce the anxiety that most of us suffer. One thing I disagree with is this mention of “…wasting your time on computer or smartphone games”. I understand that too much time with video games can be a life waster. But, as a big gamer, I find some to be educational. At the very least, many games allow a quick distraction from the daily anxieties that life brings. For someone like me, it’s impossible to eliminate video games from my life. I wouldn’t want to either, their too damn fun!

Kudos to putting all this out in the open and being able to write so freely about mental illness in general!

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