Post-factual politics is counter-intuitive because what used to work in the past no longer seems…
James Souttar

American Democracy: a flawed ‘moving forward’ or the shipwrecking of a nation

While the centrists and leftists among us are nervous about even the slightest possibility of a Trump win, the Democrat’s forces are very difficult to overcome, particularly so late in the game. Trump is outmanned and outgunned in every state. The Hillary campaign has assembled the best of the best. Notwithstanding the Trump-ettes contempt for a black man as president, Obama is very popular — which bodes well for a ‘third term’. Hillary has commanding leads among blacks, Hispanics and women — pivotal, essential groups to win the White House. Even the brightest red state, Utah, is having deep second thoughts about voting for Trump. Salt Lake City’s leading newspaper has actually endorsed her. While in one sense it can be successfully argued that either candidate has self or special interests that they are serving, there is a very clear choice. And it is not Trump.