Life After Progress: The Tax Bill
Matthew Barad

One reason class warfare is being so overwhelmingly won by the rich and powerful is this: they are a smaller group, they have fewer central issues to unite around, and they are consequently easier to unite. Of course, wealth and control of the message helps.

On the 99% side of the table, we need bottom-up change, revolution. I’ve written several essays that somewhat oversimplify a call-to-arms based on identifying singular, powerful, literal, keywords upon which to unite. Keywords that are so undeniably spot on that they work for both the Red Church and the Blue Church. Keywords so powerful that they not only catalyze, but they utterly upend and completely repudiate greed and divisiveness. Keywords focused on things like #fairness. Keywords that drive out the selfish monsters sitting in the seats of power.

We’ve had them in the past, and they worked: #liberty #freedom #justice #equality. #occupy was an attempt at this. But we need a major refresh.

This can be done. The rich and powerful are fearful. They’re buying land and building estates in places like New Zealand because they are worried. About us. But we are unstoppable, unless they can keep us divided against each other. And those days are drawing to a close.

Simplify the message. A message so clearly and emphatically true that no one can deny it.