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Thanks a lot for thinking about keywords!

I am certain that words based on friendship or community will find appeal. But I’d suggest that certain hardcore conservatives or liberals would not necessarily think of themselves as friends. So, I’m proposing that we come up with words/themes that pretty much anyone can agree on.

The #Occupy movement had tons of people turn out, but they were all coming to the party with varying agendas. They had a hard time coming up with a unified message. And as hard as it was for them, there is an even harder challenge with the 99% Class Warfare Movement, because not only do all the leftists and progressives need to unite, but so do the so-called centrists and populists over on the right.

I’m proposing something really fundamental. Just as an example, if our food supply was cut off, and if we had a slogan that said, “We Need to Eat,” just about anyone could sign up for that because, well, we all eat. The slogan is both true and universal, so it would be easy to agree with regardless of your politics, religion, age, gender, social class, employment status, or sexual preference. There comes a point where none of that matters. And that’s what we need.

Back in the day, during the American Revolution, one of the rallying cries centered around fairness. “No taxation without representation.” Most people agreed with that and a revolution occurred. A massive change took place simply because a particular slogan resonated across all kinds of party lines, self interests and social barriers.

And yes, global. Great point.