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Wow, what a powerful revolution. Thank you for the link. I love the keys. For me they represent the idea of unlocking Freedom and setting her free. A constant remembrance.

I’m not sure if students will be the main catalysts in the Class Warfare Movement.

  • Perhaps it will be Millennials, or even teenagers, who have a rising sense of helplessness.
  • Perhaps the middle class, but many of them still seem too comfortable in their palatial suburban homes.
  • Perhaps women, finally outraged over abusers residing in the highest seats of power.
  • Perhaps when long lines start forming around the world for basic services like food, when everything has been stripped away, perhaps only then will people realize what has been snatched away from them.
  • Perhaps when AI has destroyed hundreds of millions of jobs, and the unemployed have been completely abandoned.
  • Perhaps it will be when a new state-sponsored Great Purge occurs, when arrests of citizens takes place in nations that have never been totalitarian. When democracies institute torture. Oh wait.
  • Perhaps only when the guns are turned on the people themselves.

Do you know what The Eight Rules of Dialogue were? The actual eight rules?