Silent men are like still water. Deep and dangerous.


Its March 13th. 2:44 AM.

To starting something new, there’s no perfect time...

I’m no pugilist of words, neither a grammar fanatic.

This is my diary. It has no genre, no boundary, no theme, no conditions.

‘Seek, Dare, Love' is all about strength, about confidence, realization, endurance, energy, connection, love, struggle, passion, heartbreak. It’s about life, colors, verve and flare.

It’s about the unheard stories. Unknown people, thoughts fighting the boundaries of infinity.

Its the ‘Men-Story’. The mysterious, the black, the strong, the movers. Of those who don’t settle down, to those who live on the edge.

I’ll be playing my part here so you can play yours in there. It’s my collection of thoughts, and your guide to exit the shit loops of life, love and struggles.

Know yourself. Find yourself. Believe in yourself. Fight your fears, your weakness, get closer to your passion, move up your past, be your own sidekick.

Be your best,

Seek. Dare. Love.